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Positive K (sometimes spelled + K), real name Darryl Gibson, is an American composer who started his artistic career in 1986 by participating in a multi-artist hip hop album called "Fast money".

And it was a year later in 1987 that he released his first solo single "Quarter gram pam", a single that would go somewhat unnoticed. Just like "I’m not havin’ it "which came out the year after in 1988.

It was not until the turn of the decade and the year 1992 that he finally saw his efforts paid off when the album "The skills dat pay da bills" was released. Album which will remain as his main success and which will produce his one and only mega hit namely "I got a man".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Quarter gram pam 1987

  • I'm not havin' it 1988

  • Step up front 1988

  • A good combination 1989

  • Night shift 1991

  • I got a man 1992

  • Ain’t no crime 1992

  • Car hoppers 1993

  • Black Cinderella 1996

  • Feel good 'bout myself 1999


Clips :

1987 ... the first steps of one of the future leaders of the 'emcee' current, a variant of rap. What is certain in this type of music is that the music is not necessarily their priority ...

1988 ... after a first warm-up lap that had no effect, it was time to start reconnaissance. Of course, success remains limited exclusively in Rap Charts

1988 ... a style really completely apart, typically American and of which they will remain the undisputed masters

1989 ... besides, there are times when you wonder if it's really music. Text, text, text and some notes to decorate ...

1991 ... a transition to the next decade without real surprises and above all without real novelties. The style remains the same, inexorably ...

1992 ... then THIS title comes ! It was enough simply to add 2, 3 notes which hold the road and immediately, everything changes. Race results : planetary success. Like what, not much was enough. HU-GE !

1992 ... it is clear that the songs are still a little more worked. An evolution which goes in the right direction and which pays above all !

1993 ... a shame, because despite an obvious desire to make copies more polished, planetary recognition was only of very short duration

1996 ... the last hit. This time in the R&B category. It is clear all the same that the 90s will have been a lot more inspired than the 80s

1999 ... a decade of better musical quality, we have to admit. Admittedly, it's quite minimalist melody side but at this stage, we will largely be satisfied with it !


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