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The rantings of a flight attendant...

Diane Dufresne is a Quebec singer who started her artistic career in Montreal around the age of 18, performing on stage texts from Aragon, Ferré and other Brel. We are then in 1962.

She was found shortly after in Paris, where she took singing and drama lessons during the day and sang in the evening in the cabarets of the Left Bank. We also see her appear in film scores and record some jingles.

It will take her 10 years and the year 1972 to finally see his career take off with the release of his first album called "Tiens-toé ben, j'arrive !". And for a first try, it is a real success thanks to the enormous 45 rpm "J'zi rencontré l'homme de vie", the title of which was written by a certain… Luc Plamandon.

The single is a real hit and propels the young singer in a shattering way on the front of the stage. A huge success that appealed to others in the years to follow, especially in 1975 with the titles "Les hauts et les bas d'une hôtesse de l'air" and "Chanson pour Elvis".

It was in 1978 that she achieved consecration when she landed the role of Stella Spotlight in an upcoming small musical called...Starmania. We know the incredible success that will follow, a success that will propel most of the singers of the troop to an unprecedented level of notoriety.

Resumption of the solo career from 1979, a year that saw her release several high-caliber titles such as "J'ai 12 ans" and "Le Parc Belmont".

The transition to the 1980s went rather well with the release of the album "Turbulences" in 1982, from which one of his most emblematic titles, "Oxygene", was to be extracted.

1984 saw her put on two major shows with on the one hand "Marie Rose" and then "Dioxyde de carbone", the year 1984 which was to be the culmination of her career.

A career that will begin to decline from the mid-80s and which will see the singer gradually disappear from the radar at the beginning of the 90s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dans ma chambre 1968

  • Un jour il viendra mon amour 1970

  • D'un jour à l'autre 1971

  • J’ai rencontré l’homme de ma vie 1972

  • Pars pas sans me dire bye-bye 1973

  • J’ai besoin d’un chum 1975

  • Partir pour Acapulco 1975

  • Chanson pour Elvis 1975

  • Les hauts et les bas d’une hotesse de l’air 1976

  • Vingtième étage 1977

  • Les adieux d’un sex symbol 1978

  • Le rêve de Stella Spotlight 1978

  • J’ai 12 ans 1979

  • Alys en cinemascope 1979

  • Une fille funky 1979

  • Le Parc Belmont 1979

  • Strip tease 1980

  • Oxygene 1982

  • Survoltée 1984

  • J’tombe amoureuse 1986

  • Un souvenir heureux 1986

  • Une femme tatouée 1987

  • Kabuki 1988


Clips :

1968 ... how to imagine with this first title that this young singer will become a few years later one of the leading singers of the 1970s. Almost impossible ...

1970 ... nothing exceptional for the moment but a potential, and above all a voice which bodes well for the future. And beautiful things, there will be ...

1971 ... a nice track full of finesse which shows that the young singer is slowly but surely gaining strength. The voice asserts itself, as does the style. The big take-off will not be long ...

1972 ... then THIS title comes ! After a perfectly formatted debut, the singer lets go completely and offers us a title wacky at will. With the key to a first huge hit and a notoriety that explodes as a result. MAS-TER-FUL !

1973 ... a truly unique, fresh and playful style typical of the 70s and which she perfectly embodies. A freedom of tone which will always be its trademark and which will be as much its strength as its weakness ...

1975 ... after a year 1974 when not much will happen, here she comes back in a dazzling form in 1975. A dazzling form that we find well through this title, it's clear !

1975 ... a year 1975 plethora in terms of titles and at a certain qualitative level. The singer mixes styles and sounds with obvious mastery. And my faith, it all works very well !

1975 ... a year that ended in style with this title with strong Country accents. A very particular musical field that the singer is one of the few to dare to explore but the proximity of the States is not for nothing !

1976 ... she is able to embrace everyone, to explore everything in terms of sound. An extreme versatility that will allow her to obtain a new notorious hit thanks to this pretty story of the flight attendant...somewhat off the wall once again

1977 ... the years go by and look the same. Nothing extraordinary yet but a style that works perfectly and that makes her a truly unique model in this decade where everything is pre-formatted identically ...

1978 ... then comes the Starmania adventure. An incredible adventure which will reveal in a shattering way several artists who will become major artists thereafter. But at this point, no one knows yet ...

1978 ... but it is especially on this title that the singer will shine with a thousand lights. A truly exceptional musical that will undoubtedly remain as one of the most inspired of all time ...

1979 ... a musical which will propel several of its singers in a sensational way on the front of the stage. Of which she will necessarily be part !

1979 ... completely against current Disco standards, she continues her adventure in her own way. Where everything is Dance, she decides to continue playing it with finesse. And why not...

1979 ... she does not forget to go through the Dance box. It starts from a good feeling, but his level of inspiration in this area is after all fairly average, at least not high enough to hope to counter the competition ...

1979 ... it is obvious that the register 'With emotions' sees her clearly more inspired. An end of the 1970s which come together in all forms and we will not complain, far from it !

1980 ... the transition to the 80s is done to the rhythm of Dance. But the singer's style is still too inspired by the previous decade and she's really going to have to adapt quickly to new trends

1982 ... this time, she knew how to adapt perfectly and the result is up to the new standards of the moment. All good as they say !

1984 ... the problem with her is that we alternate the best with the totally wacky. On this one, it will be the wacky which will win. Not sure it's her best track of the decade ...

1986 ... after a year 1985 when not much will happen, here she is back in this year 1986 in a style that is still so crazy. The problem is that at one point, too much strikethrough kills the strikethrough ...

1986 ... and yet, when she wants, she can. This piece is much more structured and shows a side of her much more peaceful. Like what, not much is enough ...

1987 ... even if it's been a long time since she deserted the first places in the Charts, she still continues to offer interesting things, it's clear. Songs that will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed ...

1988 ... an adventure to say the least original which draws to an end. An extraordinary adventure for an unclassifiable artist, wacky at will and who will have done nothing like everyone else ...


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