The Queen of Nonsense...

Sabine Paturel is a French singer and actress who started her musical career with a fanfare in 1986 with the now cult song "Les bêtises".

Song that will remain the trifle of 36 weeks at the French Top50.

A year later in 1987, the single "P’tit bouchon" was released, which would not equal "Les bêtises" but would be more than honorable.

Other titles will also be released afterwards.

In addition to her singing career, she will pursue an acting career, both in the Theater and in television series making her a complete artist.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Les bêtises 1986

• P’tit bouchon 1987

• Les enquêtes Caméléon 1987

• Je craque 1987

• Maladie d’été 1987

• Coeur bébé 1987

• Caramel mou, caramel dur 1988

• Insatiable et rebelle 1990

• Traces de stress 1990

Clips :

1986 ... an angel's face to interpret a crazy song which will be one of the biggest French hits of this year and the decade altogether. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... always the same angelic side for this more rhythmic suite. An ingenious side unique in its kind and which will forever remain its trademark

1987 ... a small TV credits for the road. Nothing exceptional but it's pleasant and nice. It's already that !

1987 ... a nice marshmallow ride to continue this particularly prolific year. We simply let ourselves be carried away by this very simple but extremely effective melody ...

1987 ... a year that ends in style with this title with its sound so typical of the 80s. She continues her adventure quietly but surely ...

1987 ... a foray into Ultimate Slow which is far from being ridiculous. Admittedly, this title will not finish N°1 of the Top50 but it holds the road

1988 ... new crazy song to start this new year. A specialization in the crossed out side that really makes the difference, in good as in bad ...

1990 ... the change of decade will spell the end of this great adventure. A style that has become totally incompatible with this new decade where everything will go very fast, too fast ...

1990 ... this time, it is indeed the end. A last title with a particularly melancholy melody and which sums up well this end of reign ...

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