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The One Shot Festival - 20

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 20 :

  • Berntholer - Japanese garden 1982

  • Broken English – Comin’ on strong 1987

  • Catherine Stock – To have and to hold 1986

  • Movieland - Postcard to New York 1986

  • Feltman Trommelt - Healing 1984

  • Mannschreck – Verdrahtet 1981


Clips :

1982 ... a Belgian group which will pass in the musical landscape of the 80s like a shooting star. A style that is too tight will have strongly penalized them with the general public unfortunately ...

1987 ... in a different style, this group from across the Channel will not have been talked about more. Hence the fact that we find him in this section of One Shot ....

1986 ... given the brother's incredible career (she's the sister of Mike Stock, the same Mike Stock of the famous Stock trio Aitken and Waterman), one would have imagined that she would release a plethora of hit titles. It will be the opposite with only one title on the clock ...

1986 ... of the Anglo-Saxon US version of certain quality. A group that will only release one album and that will only emerge from the shadows with this title

1984 ... an excellent title from across the Rhine this time around and which at least had the merit of showing that this group had potential. The group will produce two albums which will unfortunately go under the radar ...

1981 ... in the series of titles from across the Rhine, we continue with this group that closely resembles...B-52's ! With an international destiny that will be very different ...

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