The One Shot Festival - 18

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 18 :

  • Peter Baumann – Strangers in the night 1983

  • Picnic At The Whitehouse – We need protection 1985

  • Leslie Mandoki & Eva Sun - Korea 1987

  • Tin Tin - Kiss me 1982

  • Primary Colours – Paint love blue 1985

  • Radio Heart – Radio Heart 1987

Clips :

1983 ... being one of the prominent members of the flagship electronic music group Tangerime Dream was not enough for the singer to succeed in his solo career. Hard law of the trade ...

1985 ... at first sight of the Anglo-Saxon but on which side, good question ? There are really groups that have left very few traces in history ...

1987 ... a duo which will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s with this title at personal career level. They will have done something else, of course, but that was hardly worth the detour ...

1982 ... two titles mainly attached to the charts of this very ephemeral group. We heard the first one last time. Here comes the second ...

1985 ... an American duo that will only last for the time of one title, this title. Too bad because there was potential but fate will have decided otherwise ...

1987 ... a collaboration which will last only the time of this year 1987 but which will produce some titles of big caliber of which this one which will remain as the most emblematic. Good job as always with Numan !

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