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The One Shot Festival - 16

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 16 :

  • Illustrated Man – Fall from Grace 1984

  • Sherrick – Just call 1987

  • Corinne Sinclair - Make up 1983

  • John St James – The girl who seduced the world 1984

  • Les Enfants – Taking your love away 1985

  • Cliff Dawson – I can love you better 1982


Clips :

1984 ... you take a member of the Gang Of Four, another from Japan and two Australian acolytes and you get the following title. It was worth bringing them together, that's clear !

1987 ... of American origin, this singer, whose real name is F. Lamonte-Smith or Lamotte Smith, will remain in the musical history of the 80s mainly for this title. Nothing exceptional but a good job, quite simply ...

1983 ... we will mainly remember THIS title from the discography - very light - of this singer and songwriter. It's already that as they say !

1984 ... composer, producer and sound engineer, this American multi-cap produced this title mainly on a personal level. We take, we take !

1985 ... of Irish origin, this group will have produced only one album and will have disappeared as quickly from the radars as it had appeared there. Hard law of the trade ...

1982 ... yet another light discography for this American who produced several albums but paradoxically few singles. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with the minimum union ...

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