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The object of their desire ...

Starpoint is an American group originally formed under the name Licyndiana in 1978 in Annapolis by Kayode Adeyemo and brothers Ernesto, Orlando, Greg and George Jr Phillips. Who will be joined soon by Renée Diggs, Terre Holland and Marvin Ennis.

A first album this time under the name Starpoint was released two years later in 1980, an album with great esteem and which produced their first hit classified namely "I just wanna dance with you".

And it's really 2 albums that came out a year later in 1982, namely "Keep on it" and "Wanting you". Even if some of the titles ripped are doing relatively well, none will be able to reach the top of the Charts.

Ditto for the album "All night long" which came out in 1982, just like "It’s so delicious" which was released in 1983, none of them will be able to boost the band in a significant way.

Things will start to move from 1984 with the release of the album "It’s all yours". Even if the album does not meet with a huge success, the single which bears the name of the album will be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Success confirmed and especially amplified with the release in 1985 of the album "Restless", album of consecration which finally rewards the efforts of the group. Album carried at arm's length by 2 singles which are "Restless" but, also and above all, "Object of my desire", flagship single which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography.

The album "Sensational" which was released two years later in 1987 was going to be almost as strong as its predecessor. In particular thanks to the success of the title “He wants my body”.

Two other albums were released later, but their level of success would be much lower and the group would eventually go their separate ways in 1990.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I just wanna dance with you 1980

  • Keep on it 1981

  • I want you closer 1981

  • Wanting you 1981

  • Do you whanna do 1981

  • Angel 1981

  • Get your body up 1982

  • All night long 1982

  • It’s so delicious 1983

  • Don’t be so serious 1983

  • It’s all yours 1984

  • Object of my desire 1985

  • What you been missin’ 1985

  • Restless 1986

  • Till the end of time 1986

  • He wants my body 1987

  • D.Y.B.O. 1987

  • The more we love 1987

  • Say you will 1988

  • I want you…you want me 1990

  • Midnight love 1990


Clips :

1980 ... beginnings which immediately set the trend : this group will bet everything on pure dance. And in this area, things are off to a good start !

1981 ... success is limited for the moment but you have to give them time to find the style, and especially the sound that goes well

1981 ... on the side of the United States in any case, the group continues its path, refines its sound and above all piles up the hits

1981 ... now each title released turns into a hit. Of course, success is limited to R'n'B Charts but it's always better than nothing

1981 ... a BIG 1981 with a plethora of titles and quality across the board. So there is bound to be a moment when success will become global ...

1981 ... and as very often in these cases, pure Dance groups always have in their discography at least 1 Intimist track of very high caliber. Here is already one !

1982 ... a rather slow but certain rise in power. There is not much missing to make them reach the top but for the moment, the level is still not sufficient ...

1982 ... new big-caliber Ultimate Slow. Their know-how in this area is obvious and it would be a shame to do without ...

1983 ... the group has just passed a new milestone, that's obvious. We therefore imagine that the rest will be very interesting !

1983 ... a most interesting sequel starting with this title. A title of notorious quality and which allows the group to see its notoriety soar

1984 ... this time recognition becomes global. After years of slow but certain evolution, the group finally achieved the long-awaited success. HU-GE !

1985 ... the title of the consecration. The group obtains here the biggest success of all its single discography and offers himself a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a group which will not necessarily have stayed in history as one of the best known but with more than eloquent charts. Like what, notoriety is not everything ...

1986 ... a great adventure which continues with this title and which once again shows all the talent of the group. And talent, there is, that's clear !

1986 ... a nice Intimist track which shows all the versatility of the group. Versatility found only with the best ...

1987 ... their musical base will nevertheless have been composed of 95 % of Dance titles. And in this area, it is clear that the know-how is obvious !

1987 ... a small drop in speed which saw the group plunge back into the depths of the Charts. We suspected that it would be difficult for them to maintain such a level of success for years ...

1987 ... a return to Intimist mode which unfortunately will not change the situation. The best years are well and truly behind and the group will never get back to the leading pack

1988 ... anyway, the group clings and resists quite a bit. Even if the level of success remains limited, they continue to unroll quietly. For how much longer...

1990 ... they try the transition to the 90s, all in a style that sticks pretty well with the times. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to bring them back into the race ...

1990 ... a smooth and finesse ending, we could not have dreamed of a better epilogue for this group with more than obvious talent and which will have produced a number of very large caliber singles more than substantial


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