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The night, it's so easy to get closer...

Valerie Dore, for once is not a singer strictly speaking but is an Italo Disco project dating from 1984 and orchestrated by producer Roberto Gasparini. Project whose real and main singer, at least on the most emblematic titles, will be Dora Nicolisi (née Carofiglio) of the group Novecento. Then Simona Zanini on others.

Regarding the stage part and clips, it is Monica Stucchi who will be found at the book.

The first Single to be released is "The night", a single which, upon its release, will be a worldwide hit and ignite all the Dancefloors.

Two new Singles were released in the process, "Get closer" the same year and "It’s so easy" in 1985. Less successful but success nonetheless.

At the end of 1985, change of team, singer and release of the album "The legend" from which will be extracted mainly "Lancelot" and "King Arthur". Success limited to Italy and Switzerland this time around.

The Doremania will fall as quickly as it was mounted but will leave in the musical history of the 80s some pieces of international class.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • The night 1984

  • Get closer 1984

  • It’s so easy 1985

  • Bow and arrow 1986

  • The wizard 1986

  • The magic rain 1986

  • Guinnevere 1986

  • King Arthur 1986

  • Lancelot 1986

  • The sword inside the heart 1987

  • The end of the story 1987

  • Wrong direction 1987

  • On the run 1988

2000s Decade :

  • How do I get to Mars ? 2006


Tracks :

1984 ... the HUGE intergalactic hit that will launch the project in a sensational way. Surely one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and one of the most beautiful monuments of the Italo Disco wave. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1984 with this equally HUGE sequel which once again sets all Dancefloor on the planet on fire. Too strong !

1985 ... after a year 1984 of the fire of god, the year 1985 will produce a new world class hit. A concept with formidable efficiency !

1986 ... a new year which rhymes with a variation on the legend of King Arthur and other chivalrous themes ... With great successes and less good ... This title is part of the 2nd category ...

1986 ... yet another title that will miss its target despite an obvious quality. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes less ...

1986 ... far, far from the concept's first hyper Dance influences. A sweet parenthesis that breathes new life into the concept ...

1986 ... a sweet parenthesis which is confirmed with this new title. After a flood of top Dance hits, this succession of finesse titles with more than certain quality is inevitably a pleasant surprise ...

1986 ... new breath which allows a temporary return of success. Once again on a dance tempo which has, until then, rather succeeded in concept ...

1986 ... double jackpot with this new title which will be even stronger than the previous one. But which will be the last notorious hit of the concept ...

1987 ... new deceleration on the tempo side. And this time, it is in duo mode that we find them. Not all that bad but that's not enough to make the difference ...

1987 ... it is clear that the biggest hits will have been produced in the field of Dance but the Intimist mode allows them to show another facet of their talent. And talent, there is, that's clear !

1987 ... their last hit and only in Italy. A concept that is running out of steam, that's clear. But in the Italo DIsco universe, lasting is surely one of the least obvious things ...

1988 ... the end of a great adventure which will ultimately remain as one of the most beautiful Italo Disco pages of the decade. Well done Roberto Gasparini !

2006...a most furtive return that no one will notice. But it would have been a shame not to talk about it as they say...

Top Bonus : 2016... when Marc pushes the song with Valérie


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