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A group formed in 1977 by Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn, this now legendary group has enjoyed most of its success with the title "Video killed the radio star". But what a title !! Released in September 1979, it represents on its own (whatever it might share the title with another title, namely "Funkytown" from the Lipps group), the missing link between 2 major currents, namely the "Rock" current of 1970s to the more "Pop / Dance" one of the 80s. Its unique status allows it to be the clip the 1st broadcast on the MTV television channel, on August 1, 1981. The members of the group will also participate in the group Yes (after the departure of its singer Jon Anderson) and Geoff Downes will leave in the end to create the group Asia. Trevor Horn will release a single album that will only have a esteem success. He will then launch into production and will notably produce groups - and not least - like ABC, Art of Noise, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Yes and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Video Killed the Radio Star 1979

• Living in the plastic Age 1980

• Clean Clean 1980

• Elstree 1980

• I am a camera 1981

• Adventures in modern recording 1981

• On TV 1982

• Lenny 1982

• Beatnik 1982

Clips :

1979 ... a title - very simple - that comes out of nowhere and that will change everything ! On its own, it foreshadows all of the sound evolution to come in the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a suite with an equally incredible sound. We are only in 1980 ... Real visionaries !

1980 ... when 2 major influences meet ... Rock on one side, electronics on the other ... The mix is explosive !

1980 ... another piece of certain quality. All carried by a completely wacky clip, typical of the early 80s

1981 ... nice 100% electronic ballad. An inspiration constantly renewed and constantly boiling ...

1981 ... in total delirium sound mode. Where the art of making noise that sometimes fits, and other times not ...

1982 ... the years go by, sound innovation continues. Undeniably one of the most creative groups of the decade ...

1982 ... an indefinable style, a unique sound, they really do nothing like the others. And that's what makes them strong !

1982 ... come on, we end up in anything. Totally 'aware' these Buggles ... But what talent !

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