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The living return...

Swing Out Sister is an English group formed in the early 80s by keyboardist Andy Connell and drummer Martin Jackson. Group which will be joined some time later by the singer Corinne Drewery.

The name of the group would be a reference to the 1940s film "Swing out, sister".

Their first single "Blue mood" was released in 1985 and has had little esteem success.

It was a year later in 1986 that the fate of this group suddenly evolved to the heights when the single "Breakout" was released. It's a huge success !

In 1987 the first album "It’s better to travel" was released. Album literally carried by the success of "Breakout", which allows him to take first place in English Charts.

In the process, the single "Surrender" was released, which was sure to be successful, as well as "Twilight world", which became a hit in most discotheques on the planet.

It took two years and 1989 to see the release of the second album "Kaleidoscope world" from which the sublime "You on my mind" will be extracted.

In 1992 released the album "Get in touch with yourself" with very jazzy 60s influences. Album containing the flagship title "Am I the same girl ? "

Two years later in 1994 released the album "The living return" which contained the title "La-La (means I love you)" which was part of the soundtrack of the film "Four weddings and a funeral".

It will be the last major success of the group.

Group with undeniable quality and whose popy-jazzy sound is almost unique in this 80s decade and therefore really worth the detour.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Blue mood 1985

• Breakout 1986

• Surrender 1987

• Twilight world 1987

• Fooled by a smile 1987

• You on my mind 1989

• Where in the world 1989

• Waiting game 1989

• Forever blue 1989

• The windmills of your mind 1991

• Am I the same girl ? 1992

• Notgonnachange 1992

• La-La (means I love you) 1994

• Better make it better 1995

• Now you're not here 1996

• Somewhere in the world 1997

• Here and now 1997

• Better make it better 1997

• Love won't let you down 2004

• Time tracks you down 2008

• I'd be happy 2008

• Secret love (You're invisible) 2008

• Don't give the game away 2017

• All in a heartbeat 2017

• Until tomorrow forgets 2017


Clips :

1985 ... very Dance beginnings. A first break-in track before a sequel which promises to be HUGE ...

1986 ... and the HUGE suite, here it is. The title of the revelation which elevates them One Shot to the rank of planetary stars, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... 1986 was exceptional in all respects for the group, 1987 will come close to it more or less. 3 new hits on the clock that year !

1987 ... a truly extraordinary style and sound that makes them a group apart. A blend of strength and finesse that works wonderfully !

1987 ... the least prestigious of the 3 hits of the year. A "less prestigious" with which a good number of competition groups would be satisfied ...

1989 ... after an 1988 year blank, they are back in shape like never before. They sign here one of their biggest hits, a track that spins at 200 km/h, rhythmic at will and an unequaled lightness

1989 ... the group confirms its enormous talent, year after year, title after title. A unique style that changes little but that hits the target every time !

1989 ... another exceptional year which saw the group release no less than 4 very high class singles. Undeniably one of the major groups of the decade on the English side

1989 ... a magnificent Ultimate Slow to end the year and the decade in style. An area they had not yet explored. It's done now !

1991 ... a nice cover of Michel Legrand's 'Moulins de mon coeur' dating from 1968 to celebrate this decade change. Nothing exceptional but the copy holds water

1992 ... despite this style which evolves little while the rest of the musical world, him, evolves enormously, the group manages to maintain himself at the top. Simply talent !

1992 ... another track that works perfectly, light and airy. Like most of their titles !

1994 ... the last notorious hit. The style of the group is increasingly marginalized and resisting competition becomes almost impossible ...

1995 ... in spite of a title with obvious quality, it left for the great unscrewing. The fall of the group is now irreversible and nothing, and no one, can stop it ...

1996 ... targeted exits do nothing to help. Releasing this title only in Japan is hazardous to say the least and above all completely counterproductive ...

1997 ... the last hit. After almost 10 years of a magnificent adventure. Magnificent adventure which will have seen the group deliver pieces for some of anthology...

1997... anyway, the adventure is far from over. Admittedly, the best is now behind them, but in music everything is always possible...

1997...especially since what they continue to deliver is far from devoid of interest. So there is no reason for them to be forced to throw in the towel prematurely...

2004...we will lose sight of them for almost 7 years but here they are again ! Admittedly, the group no longer even appears in the continental Charts but the quality of their songs has not lost anything over the years...

2008...not to mention that the production of titles remains consistent decade after decade, which shows that the group is far from having said everything. Or at least all sung... still have to remember that they started their career more than 30 years ago, which is not nothing. Few groups of their time are still present on the front of the stage...

2008...and it's the grassroots fans who are delighted to see them come back regularly. And who ask only one thing : that the adventure continues as long as possible...

2017...certainly the air holes are lasting longer and longer but they come back every time. This one will last almost 9 years but here they are again... exceptional longevity that can only be found with the most gifted of each generation. Because it certainly takes a talent above the average to cross the decades one after the other...

2017...and we therefore imagine that this title will surely not be the last. Because with them, we now know, nothing is ever over...


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