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The human factor...

Music For Pleasure is an English group formed in Leeds in 1979 and originally composed of Martin King, Alan Peace, Sean Wheatley and David Whitaker.

Group which released a first Single "The human factor" in 1980, title which will appear only on the compilation "Hicks from the sticks" of the Rockburgh Records label.

It is the arrival at Rage Records that will change the situation somewhat and allow the group to finally release a first Single worthy of the name with the title "Fuel to the fire" in 1981.

New change of label the following year with the arrival at Polydor Records in 1982, label with which they produced a first Single called "Switchback". Title taken from the album "Into the rain" which will also be released the same year and which will produce two other Singles with the titles "Light" and "Time", single which will be released a year later in 1983.

Releases which will go somewhat unnoticed and which will result in seeing the group ousted from the label.

They will release a last album "Balcklands" on their own in 1985, an album which will also go unnoticed and which will precipitate the definitive fall of the group...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • The human factor 1980

  • Fuel to the fire 1981

  • Switchback 1982

  • Light 1982

  • Time 1983

  • Dark crash 1983

  • Disconnection 1984


Clips :

1980...a first title in overspeed mode, something that does not necessarily help for immediate recognition. But we are in 1980 and this may explain it...

1981...the tempo has slowed down a bit, which allows them to produce a title that is already a little more accessible to ordinary mortals... 3 titles we will have gone from one extreme to another in terms of speed. On the other hand it allows them at least to show all the facets of their talent...

1982... the group is far from deserving, of course, but he will still have to raise its level of play if he wants to pass in the Court of the big ones...

1983... which will surely remain as their most accomplished title. Too bad it comes to the end because it will have been the flagrant proof of the know-how of the group...


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