The Green Mare...

Valérie Lagrange is a French singer-songwriter and actress who started her artistic career in 1959 by playing in Claude Autant-Lara's film "La jument verte" alongside Bourvil. Film where several scenes take place in a barn, hence its stage name.

On the song side, she released her first title in the 60s, notably songs like "La guerilla" and another "Encore un jour de notre amour".

But the events of May 68 will change the situation and she suddenly decides to leave the world of glitter for the hippie and community world.

In 1973, meeting Ian Jelfs from the group Alice turned his life upside down, both private and professional. The duo scour the roads and perform wherever the wind takes them.

Until 1979, when the couple met Philippe Constantin, who allowed them to sign with Virgin. Their first album, recorded with the English band Sinceros, was released in 1980. And it was a huge success. In particular the flagship title "Faut plus me la faire".

Subsequently, the albums will follow one after another but without ever regaining the level of this particularly successful first opus.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Encore un jour de notre amour 1965

  • La guerilla 1965

  • I love you so 1971

  • Si ma chanson pouvait 1977

  • Faut plus me la faire 1980

  • Hair est si facile 1980

  • Sauve moi 1980

  • Toi 1981

  • La folie 1983

  • On meurt tous d’amour 1983

Clips :

1965 ... a career that started very early. On South American rhythms far from the standards of the time

1965 ... in the same vein. But this time, the title does not go unnoticed and allows the artist to know his first real success

1971 ... change of decade and change of language. In Anglo-Saxon fashion, a linguistic parenthesis which unfortunately produced little effect

1977 ... the Anglo-Saxon parenthesis closed, we find her a few years later this time in 100 % Frenchie mode and my faith, it works pretty well !

1980 ... the title of a lifetime ! The one who makes One Shot fit into the musical legend of the 80s and which explodes the notoriety overnight. Double Jackpot !

1980 ... after South American rhythms, here comes the time of Caribbean version rhythms. A taste for exoticism more than pronounced ...

1980 ... parenthesis quickly closed and return to sounds much more in tune with the times. But will that be enough to return to success...? Not won all that ...

1981 ... rock bases become predominant. But the artist struggles to emerge, that's obvious. A career outside the fashions of the time and which somewhat marginalizes the artist

1983 ... sounds which stick much more in tune with the times. And as if by chance, this time, success is waiting for you !

1983 ... unfortunately impossible to repeat the exploit thereafter. It will therefore be a quiet end of career, but outside the star system ...

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