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"The Founding Fathers" of Worlds Apart ...

New Edition is an American group formed in Boston in 1982 and considered as the precursor group of all the Boys band which will break in the decade 90. Group originally composed of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant.

The name New Edition would actually be a reference to the Jacksons 5 because one of the band members is said to be the "new edition" of this legendary group.

They stand out the year of their training during a TV hook organized in Boston and even if they do not achieve the final victory, their performance is convincing enough that the label Starr’s Streetwise Records signs them in stride.

Their first album "Candy girl" was released in 1983 and enjoyed only relative success. Conversely, he produced the single of the same name which made him a real planetary success. The reputation of the group exploded overnight.

The eponymous album which came out a year later in 1984 will experience a very different destiny in the sense that it will be a real hit in the USA. In particular thanks to 2 flagship titles that are "Cool it now" and especially "Mr telephone man" which becomes the second planetary hit of the group.

A year later in 1985 the album "All for love" was released, which produced no major hits. Financial problems and tensions between members are starting to seriously shake the group.

The album "Under the blue moon" released in 1986 will do little better. Only the single "Earth angel", which is part of the soundtrack of the film Karate Kid II, will allow the group to temporarily return to success.

The business resumes from 1988 when the album "Heart reak", which will prove to be the most profitable of the group, is released. It will sell more than 4 million worldwide. And from which will be extracted mainly the top hits "If it isn’t love" and "Crucial".

It was going to be eight years before the album "Home again" was released in 1996, the flagship album which will be the highest ranked globally of all their albums released. Album mainly carried by the flagship single “Hit me off” which will have a remarkable journey in many charts worldwide. Another single "I’m still in love with you" will also fare well.

The tour that will follow the album's release will be undermined by an atmosphere so disastrous that some members of the group will come to blows. The group will not recover.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Candy girl 1983

  • Is this the end 1983

  • Pop corn love 1983

  • Cool it now 1984

  • Mr. Telephone man 1984

  • Lost in love 1985

  • My secret (Didja gitit yet ?) 1985

  • Count me out 1985

  • Give love on Christmas day 1985

  • It's Christmas (All over the world) 1985

  • A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) 1986

  • With you all the way 1986

  • Earth angel 1986

  • Once in a lifetime groove 1986

  • Tears on my pillow 1987

  • Helplessly in love 1987

  • If it isn’t love 1988

  • You're not my kind of girl 1988

  • Can you stand the rain 1989

  • Crucial 1989

  • N.E. heart break 1989

  • Boys to men 1991

  • Hit me of 1996

  • I’m still in love with you 1996

  • You don't have to worry 1996

  • Siempre tu 1997

  • Something about you 1997

  • One more day 1997

  • Hot 2nite 2004

  • Last time 2004


Clips :

1983 ... a voice and music that reminds of something...or at least someone. Hum, hum, but who could it be...? We are wondering...

1983 ... a nice suite in the form of Ultimate Slow which really holds water and which shows that these little kids have real talent

1983 ... the resemblance to the Jackson 5 is really striking. Even if the copy is not worth the original, the little guys are far, far from being ridiculous

1984 ... serious things begin. Toddlers have grown up. Except the voice of the singer who no longer really sticks to the face ... lolll

1984 ... normally, the Ultimate Slow is in the middle or at the end of the discography. There it is from the start. For a first try, it's pretty successful !

1985 ... they repeat a year later at the same tempo. And my faith, it's not bad all that. An obvious know-how in the matter !

1985...even if this title will be the 'little' hit of the year, it still confirms the excellent dynamic that now carries the group. And it's far from over...

1985 ... back to Dance, on a playful and festive track. A sound that fits perfectly with the times !

1985... the special Christmas parenthesis which allows them to deliver here a nice title full of finesse and lightness which fits perfectly with the expectations of the public in this kind of period... the same vein. A particularly successful Christmas album that offers titles that are very different from the usual ultra classic titles...

1986 ... this title will not necessarily be their best classified but undoubtedly one of the most successful ! Even if the group is rather at the bottom of the wave, what he continues to produce largely holds the road !

1986 ... they will have produced an impressive number of Intimist titles, it must be noted. And each time, quality guaranteed !

1986 ... 3rd large caliber Ultimate Slow. Certainly, they like to play baby "crooners" and the least we can say is that it works perfectly !

1986 ... surely one of their best titles if not the best. An enormous Dance title where they can really give the best of themselves and it goes without saying !

1987... they decide to revisit here the title of Little Anthony And The Imperials dating from 1958. A nice cover which will however only know a success for the least limited...

1987 ... another title that literally floats in the air. With them, it has become a habit and it is certainly not the last !

1988 ... the age of full maturity. We are now far from the Cadum babies of a few years ago ...

1988 ... the group is now a perfectly honed and perfectly calibrated machine. It unfolds quietly without forcing too much ...

1989 ... beautiful new Ultimate Slow. No need to force their talent in this area, they fell into it when they were very small ...

1989 ... the end of a decade that once again rhymes with Dance. Not necessarily their best title but we will largely be satisfied...

1989... the last title of a decade which will have seen them hatch and then explode at the highest level. It remains to be seen whether the following decade will be as favorable to them...

1991...a first half of the decade that will see them struggle somewhat. Very few titles produced and a success to say the least very very limited...

1996...the metamorphosis ! Whether on the sound side, on the look side or on the visual clip side. It is really hard to imagine that we are dealing with the same group and yet they are the same. A metamorphosis that will offer them a 2nd planetary mega hit and above all relaunch their career in a sensational way !

1996 ... come on, back to basics with a new Ultimate Slow to finish smoothly. An adventure which was beautiful and which will have produced titles which will have marked their time, it is undeniable...

1996... come on, the adventure is not quite over all the same. Even if the success will decrease irreversibly, that will not prevent them from believing in it even a little bit...

1997...a year 1997 which will allow them to show that they continue to exist and in a very beautiful way. Nothing is ever over in music...

1997...they do better than resist thanks to a quality level that remains one of the most satisfactory. Hope it lasts a few more years like this...

1997...nearly 15 years after its debut, the group shows in a very good way that he still exists and that he intends to continue the adventure as far as possible...

2004...we will lose sight of them for almost 7 years but here they are again. You have to know, with them, nothing is ever over...

2004...despite a more than obvious goodwill, this time the story won't go any further. It remains to be seen whether they will have the courage to come back one day or another...


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