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The final countdown...

Europe is a Swedish group originally from Stockholm and formed in 1979 by Joey Tempest, John Norum, Peter Olsson and Tony Reno. Originally, the group was called "Force". A group that can boast of having sold around 20 million records worldwide.

It was only from 1982 onwards that things took off when the group participated in a rock competition, against 4,000 other groups (!), And ended up winning it in the end. It was just before the competition that the group opted for the name Europe.

They released an eponymous debut album a year later in 1983, an album which was to be a great success in esteem in Sweden and Japan. In particular thanks to the flagship single “Seven doors hotel”.

In 1984 the album "Wings of tomorrow" was released, an album which was only relatively successful but which did not leave CBS Records indifferent, after the label heard the title "Open your heart". An international contract was then offered to the group and the agreement was finalized in 1985.

But it was with Epic Records in 1986 that the group achieved worldwide recognition with the album "The final countdown", an album with colossal success (it will be certified Triple Platinum Overseas) released, which produced an eponymous single with no less colossal success. Album that will produce two other major hits such as "Rock the night" and especially the sublime ballad "Carrie" which will be released in 1987. The reputation of the group explodes literally.

New album “Out of this world” in 1988. Album with less success but difficult to compete with the stratospheric sales of the previous album. Album which will mainly produce the top hit "Superstitious". Single which will be the last of the group classified in the United States. And which will be the last notorious single of the group.

The album "Prisoners in paradise" which will be released three years later in 1991 will sell well but no single which will be extracted from it will be classified at the top of the Charts. Half a failure partly due to frontal competition from groups such as Nirvana and other Soundgarden.

The group will not recover and will decide to take a break. A break which in the end will lead to nothing concrete.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Seven doors hotel 1983

  • Dreamer 1984

  • Open your heart 1984

  • Rock the night 1985

  • The final countdown 1986

  • Love chaser 1986

  • Carrie 1987

  • Superstitious 1988

  • Let the good times rock 1989

  • Sign of the times 1989

  • Prisoners in paradise 1991

  • I'll cry for you 1991

  • Halfway to heaven 1992

  • Sweet love child 1993

  • Got to have faith 2004

  • Always the pretender 2006

  • Last look at Eden 2009

  • Bring it all home 2013

  • War of kings 2015

  • The second day 2015

  • Days of Rock'N'Roll 2015

  • Angels( With broken hearts) 2015

  • Walk the earth 2017

  • Pictures 2017

  • Turn to dust 2017

  • Hold your head up 2023


Clips :

1983 ... the tone is set from the start, it will be 1000 % rock. Very, very rock ! To this will be added a first level inspiration which will do wonders in the years to come ...

1984 ... and yet, like any good Hard band, the latter will reveal exceptional qualities to produce Ultimate Slow of very very large caliber

1984 ... a year 1984 which ends in beauty with this particularly inspired title. So inspired that it will go completely under the radars. Go figure ...

1985 ... back to basics and it beats hard. Are not there to laugh the little guys ! They sign their first major hit there ...

1986 ... it was without counting with this title. An Intersideral hit which propels them at the speed of light to the rank of planetary stars and which remains to this day one of the biggest hits of the 80s. With the key a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... another title that will literally go unnoticed. The group now alternates mega planetary hits with 'industrial duds' to say the least ...

1987 ... the WONDER ! They deliver here a sumptuous ballad which definitely consecrates them as one of the major groups of the 80s. A consecration widely deserved !

1988 ... heavy, smooth ... This is the whole paradox of this track with certain quality which offers the group a new global mega hit. Who will unfortunately be the last. Yes Yes...

1989 ... well, there, finished laughing ... We get out the heavy artillery and we beat up ! But by dint of beating, the public unfortunately gets lost ...

1989 ... the group adjusts the shot but this will not be enough to reverse the underlying trend, namely an obvious start to stall. Stall they can never stop later ...

1991 ... a change of decade that is played out once again under the sign of gentle strength. Past Masters in the subject !

1991 ... the group survives only thanks to the English Charts who still give them their support. Hope it lasts ...

1992 ... a single title year but in quality ! The group continues its adventure without worrying about poor performance or 'what will we say'. Beautiful obstinacy !

1993 ... 10 years after their particularly noisy debut, the group continues the adventure quietly, serenely, as if peaceful ... but still 1000 % Rock !

2004 ... the group will attempt the transition to the 2000 decade. But even there, the English no longer follow. Only Sweden still gives a little importance to the group ...

2006 ... even if the level of success of the group has nothing to do with what they have experienced 10 years ago, it is clear that they still have some under the pedal ...

2009 ... nothing, and nobody, can stop them. They still believe in it and it shows. Above all, you can hear it !

2013 ... here they are in this new decade 2010, a decade that will see the group disappear altogether from the Charts. Tough law of the trade but that the adventure was beautiful !

2015 ... they will disappear, so to speak because what they will continue to deliver largely still holds the road. Starting with this title !

2015 ... of course, no single from now on will reach the level of incredible success that some of their titles will have experienced during the 1980s, but whatever, they are there and do not intend to stop there !

2015 ... a decade in 2010 that will not really see them calm down. It keeps beating hard and they don't really intend to change their style at first sight ...

2015 ... it still happens to them to calm down a little the tempo. The proof with this title which contrasts radically with its predecessor. And who would complain !

2017 ... almost 35 years after their debut, the little guys are still here ! Well, now we are seriously starting to talk about 'grandpas' but grandpas of this level, everyone would like them !

2017 ... a new foray into a world where only calm and pleasure reign. At least, a calm and a pleasure in their own way, that is to say somewhat muscular ...

2017 ... come on, one last title for the road as they say. But surely not the last one concerning them because we know that with them, nothing is ever finished !


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