The fifth season...

Machiavel is a Belgian group formed in 1976 and originally composed of Roland De Greef, Marc Ysaÿe, Jack Roskam and Albert Letecheur. Group who released their eponymous debut album the year of their formation. A highly successful album, thanks in particular to the single "Cheerlessness".

A year later, in 1977, the album "Jester" was released, an album that allowed the group to gain strength with titles such as "Moments" and "Rock, sea and tree".

A rise in power which is confirmed with the release of the album "Mechanical Moonbeams" in 1978, album which will produce several high-caliber singles such as "Rope dancer", "Mary" and other "The fifht season".

It is the year 1979 and especially the release of the album "Urban games" which will bring them a semblance of consecration with the release of titles like "Over the hill" and "City flowers".

The album "New lines" which came out a year later in 1980 was to bring them one of their biggest single hits with "Fly". A major success that will be the last because anything that comes out subsequently will only experience a very limited level of success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Cheerlessness 1976

  • Moments 1977

  • Rock, sea and tree 1977

  • Rope dancer 1978

  • Mary 1978

  • The fifth season 1978

  • After the crop 1978

  • Over the hill 1979

  • City of flowers 1979

  • Fly 1980

  • Turn off 1980

  • Charlena 1981

  • Nobody knows 1981

  • No regrets 1987

  • No way to heaven 1987

  • Children calling 1987

  • All around the world 1999

  • Time is like a river 2003

  • The might is right 2005

  • Feel the sun 2011

  • Colours damage 2013

Clips :

1976 ... a style and a sound which have nothing to do with what the Belgian groups usually offer. Original, to say the least ...

1977 ... a group whose Anglo-Saxon bases and inspiration are obvious. What will the group do with it, good question ...

1977 ... a UFO group in the European musical landscape, that's clear. But who can almost play on equal terms with competition from across the Channel and across the Atlantic ...

1978 ... unfortunately, the level of success has nothing to do for the moment with what certain Anglo-Saxon groups who play in the same musical category are experiencing. Always difficult to exist at the highest level when you are not English or American ...

1978 ... and yet they are far from demerit. Especially since they decided to sing in English, a choice that should help them internationally. Unfortunately, this is still not enough ...

1978 ... anyway, they believe it and they continue their adventure quietly but surely. It remains to hope that at some point the sky clears for good ...

1978 ... a sky that begins to emerge with THIS title. The group delivers here a title full of finesse which shows a know-how in the Intimist worthy of the greatest. MA-GIC !

1979 ... frankly we have a hard time realizing that this group is Belgian as its style is at odds with the 'Belgian' style typical of the 80s. Really surprising ...

1979 ... precisely what does the group have in store for us for the next decade ? Stagnation or take-off ? We should not be long in being fixed ...

1980 ... it took a long time for them to take off but this time will be the right one. Admittedly, a smooth take-off but take-off all the same. They undoubtedly deliver here what will remain as one of their most emblematic titles. HU-GE !

1980 ... a supercharged sequel that comes to seal all their previous efforts. But what took them to boost such a tempo in this title ...?

1981 ... and it does not necessarily get better with this title. The change of style and sound since 2 titles will not really help them to stay in contact with the best. Frankly shame ...

1981 ... they really alternate everything and its opposite. After the total boost, here they come back in Intimist mode in a surprising way, to say the least. An Intimist area where they continue to excel, that's clear. Fortunately...

1987 ... six years will separate this title from the previous one. A salutary break when you see the perilous path that the group had started to take in 1981. The inspiration is back in this year 1987, it is clear. And so much the better !

1987 ... frankly a pity that the group had to disappear for 6 years to return to its best level. Because now the delay with the competition is such that they will never get back to the leading pack ...

1987 ... another title of certain quality. This year 1987 will undoubtedly remain as one of their best vintages. All good little guys !

1999 ... there will have been the 6-year break. Here is now the 12-year break ! Too bad the group was not more consistent because it will have frankly penalized them in terms of success ...

2003 ... an adventure that continues at all costs, success or not in the Charts. We can see that for them, the main thing is to participate !

2005 ... almost 20 years of career and still there ! Nothing, and no one, seems able to break their will to believe in it to the end. And in principle, they are right. In music, anything is always possible because it's all a question of inspiration ...

2011 ... at the point where they are, they are not going to stop there, it is clear. Never mind that the competition is 20 years younger on average in terms of age, or even more. The main thing is to stay young in your head as we say ...

2013 ... they will have gone through the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s and here they are in this decade 2010 more dashing than ever. Respect gentlemen !

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