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The druids are here...

Doctor & The Medics is an English group formed in London in 1981 by a DJ named The Doctor (real name Clive Jackson), who will partner with Steve McGuire, Steve Ritchie alias Vom, Richard Searle as well as the troupe of dancers and singers The Anadin Brothers.

Group which will be particularly noticed at its beginnings by extravagant outfits and exuberant make-up in Kiss version.

Their first production "The druids are here" was released in 1982 and was met with little esteem. Just like "The miracle of the age" which came out three years later in 1985.

They had to wait for 1986 and their luxury takeover of Norman Greenbaum's flagship 1969 title "Spirit in the Sky" to see their hopes finally rewarded. The title is a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and finally offers the group the long-awaited global recognition.

The same year released their first album "Laughing at the pieces", which also enjoyed public favor. Album from which will also be extracted the hit "Burn".

As luxury covers were particularly successful for them, in 1986 the group always released a revisited version of ABBA's flagship title "Waterloo", a daring bet and above all a bet won with notable success.

This will unfortunately be their last notorious success because anything that will be released thereafter will not experience the same level of success as the previous opus.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The druids are here 1982

  • Happy but twisted 1985

  • The miracle of the age 1985

  • Spirit in the sky 1986

  • Burn 1986

  • Waterloo 1986

  • More 1987

  • Burning love 1987

  • Drive, he said 1988

  • Hi ho silver lining 1990

  • Black and blue 1991

  • Instant heaven 1996

  • Got to get myself some dreaming tonight 1996

  • Novacaine 1996

  • Timewarp 2006

  • Let me entertain you 2006

  • You spin me round (Like a record) 2015


Clips :

1982 ... at least particularly punchy beginnings. The trend is immediately given : we are dealing with a pretty bunch of crazy people, that's for sure !

1985 ... little air hole of 3 years and return to supercharged mode in this year 1985. What is certain is that nothing has changed in 3 years, that's clear ...

1985 ... the sound evolves somewhat. The tempo would tend to slow down slightly, which could be a pretty good sign for what follows ...

1986 ... a single title, THIS title, was enough to finally change the fate of the group. Admittedly, this title is only a revisited version of Norman Greenbaum's flagship title dating from 1969 but their somewhat modernized version holds up perfectly. HU-GE !

1986 ... a BIG year 1986, a benchmark year for the group with no less than 3 hits on the clock. But it will be the only year they will win the cup !

1986 ... new revisited version of a music standard namely the enormous 'Waterloo' of the ABBAs dating from 1978. Certainly, it is literally impossible to exceed the original in terms of quality but this version is far away to be ridiculous...

1987 ... the group goes back to boost mode, a speed that does not succeed more than that. But as it has always been their business, for them, there is no reason for this to change ...

1987 ... still so crazy. As the English knew so well in the 80s. So how can you blame them ...?

1988 ... the group calms down somewhat during 1988 but it is already too late to hope for an unexpected return to the Charts. Their permanent exuberance ended up isolating them completely and the public went to look elsewhere ...

1990 ... they will even try the passage to the decade 90. Unfortunately, the mass is said for a long time and their style will not make more followers during this new decade than during the previous one...

1991... them in any case say to themselves that the adventure is worth pursuing. As long as they continue to have fun, how can you blame them...

1996...certainly the level of inspiration no longer has much to do with the previous mid-decade but they are far from being ridiculous. Anyway, we'll be happy...

1996...a group that will have missed out on its history a little and that had everything he needed to do great things. Fate will have decided otherwise...

1996... remains to be seen if this title will be the last. Because every time now this is the question that we ask ourselves inexorably...

2006...and no, it won't be the last. Admittedly, a few years will pass between this one and the previous one, but here they are again anyway... unexpected return to say the least and which will inevitably delight the basic fans. It remains to be seen what they intend to offer new...

2015... not much really. They will disappear again from the radar and come back again 9 years later with a good old cover of the Dead Or Alive title dating from 1984. Waiting for the next disappearance and the next return...


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