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The divine Miss M...

Bette Midler is an American singer-songwriter who can boast of having sold no less than 30 million records to date worldwide and having won 3 Grammy Awards. To this can be added in particular for her talents as an actress and host 4 Golden Globes, 3 Emmy Awards and 1 Tony Award, just that !

Her singing career officially began in 1972 with the release of a first album "The divine Miss M.", a first album that we would qualify as successful given the level of success achieved by the latter, especially in the English-speaking world. Album from which will be extracted his first 3 top hits with the titles "Do you want to dance ?" which also came out in 1972, as well as "Boogie woogie bugle boy" and "Friends" which came out a year later in 1973.

The same year the album "Bette Midler" was released, an album of lesser success and which produced only one major title with "In the mood".

Three years passed before his new album "Songs for the new depression" was released in 1976. Album with relative success and which will struggle to produce any planetary class success.

“Broken blossom” which came out a year later in 1977 will do slightly better thanks to the title “Storybook children (Daybreak)”. Ditto for "Thighs and whispers" which will be released in 1979 and which will mainly produce the title "Married men".

The consecration, the real one, came a year later in 1980 when the soundtrack of the film 'The Rose' came out, a film in which the singer herself played and of which she signed one of the major titles of the famous soundtrack with the enormous title "The rose". A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of his most emblematic.

A decade of 80 which was particularly successful for her since the album "No frills" which came out three years later in 1983 saw her reach a level of worldwide success of the most consistent. Notably thanks to the huge single "Beast of Burden" which was released the following year in 1984.

Five years will go by before his new track "Wind beneath my wings" was released in 1989, featured on the soundtrack of the fim 'Beaches'. Soundtracks which are particularly successful for her since she obtains with this title the biggest success of her entire recording career on the single side, just that !

New album “Some people’s live” in 1990, flagship album of his discography since it remains to this day his biggest success on the album side. Album from which the top hit "Night and day" will be extracted, but also, and above all, the enormous "From a distance". Title which allows her to add an additional star to an already particularly well supplied prize list !

In the series of successful soundtracks, in 1991, it was the turn of 'For the Boys' to offer her a new hit single with the title "Every roads leab back to you".

A great adventure which continued in 1995 with the release of the album "Bette of roses", an album with less success than its predecessor but with certain success all the same. Album which will mainly produce the title "To deserve you".

Unfortunately, the end of the 90s will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected with a success of the most relative for the album "Bathhouse Betty" which was released in 1998 and which will struggle to produce any single of planetary class except the title " My one true friend ”.

A slow, but inexorable, deceleration that will be accentuated thereafter and which will see the singer gradually disappear from the radar. A phenomenon that nothing, and no one, will be able to stop ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Do you want to dance ? 1972

  • Boogie Woogie bugle boy 1973

  • Friends 1973

  • In the mood 1973

  • Strangers in the night 1976

  • You're Movin' Out Today 1977

  • Storybook children (Daybreak) 1977

  • Married men 1979

  • The rose 1980

  • My mother's eyes 1980

  • All I need to know 1983

  • Favorite waste of time 1983

  • Beast of Burden 1984

  • Wind beneth my wings 1989

  • From a distance 1990

  • Night and day 1991

  • The gift of love 1991

  • Every road leads back to you 1991

  • To deserve you 1995

  • In this life 1995

  • My one true friend 1998

  • I'm beautiful 1999

  • That's how heartaches are made 2000

  • Just my imagination (Running away with me) 2000

  • Bless your child 2000

  • Tenderly 2003

  • Mambo italiano 2003

  • Memories of you 2003

  • Happiness is a thing called Joe 2005

  • The folks who live on the hill 2005

  • Mr. Wonderful 2005


Clips :

1972 ... a first title which rhymes with luxury cover and not just any. This revisited version of Bobby Freeman's track from 1958 works particularly well and offers the young singer her first ranked title, just that

1973 ... in the series of luxury covers, she dares to attack the flagship title of the Andrew Sisters dating from 1941 and her version is more or less worth the original. A daring bet but a winning bet !

1973 ... the real start of the solo career with this first song written for her. Paradoxically, she will meet less success than her 2 previous covers. A potential which therefore needs to be confirmed ...

1973 ... and we start again in the luxury cover. Decidedly, the flagship titles of the Second World War inspire her to the highest point. This time, she revisits Glenn Miller's flagship title dating from 1939 and once again the bet is dared but won !

1976 ... you had to dare this one ! Daring to cover 'Strangers in the night', Franck Sinatra's flagship title dating from 1966, in a Disco version, who would have believed it. This time unfortunately, a daring bet but a lost bet ...

1977 ... spectacular rebound in the year 1977 with a return to the front of the stage thanks to this new original composition. Like what, the novelty, it pays !

1977 ... a BIG year in 1977 which saw her succeed in everything she undertook. Especially when she plays it in the Intimist register like that. An Intimist register that will offer her a sumptuous gift to say the least in a few years ...

1979 ... after a year 1978 when not much will happen, here she is back in full DISCO mode, the end of the 1970s oblige. And faithfully, this title holds up, to say the least !

1980 ... then THIS title comes ! We thought that she had left to deliver a series of Dance titles to us and now she delivers this real gem of finesse and lightness to start this new decade in the best possible way. A title that will undoubtedly remain as the one of the most sumptuous of this decade and certainly of the end of the twentieth century period. Absolutely MA-GIC !

1980 ... the year of the titles 'With emotions'. An obvious know-how which makes her one of the best in this field at the start of the decade and this without question !

1983 ... then big air hole of 3 years. Followed by a mixed return with this revisited version of Barry Mann's track from 1980. Can and must do better !

1983 ... another year of cover. This time, she revisits the title of Marshall Crenshaw dating from 1979. A nice cover but that will not be enough to bring her back to the front of the race ...

1984 ... this cover, conversely, will experience a much more favorable fate in the Charts. Her version of the Rolling Stones title dating from 1978 will find much more echo with the general public than its previous title. Buisness is back !

1989 ... she disappears again from the radar for 5 years but it is better to come back at the end of the decade with this new cover which will bring her one of its biggest successes in the Charts. Here she revisits a Kamahl title dating from 1982 and manages to sublimate the title in a masterly way, to say the least !

1990 ... but it was without counting on THIS title ! Here she simply won the biggest star of her entire career with this revisited version of Julie Gold's title dating from 1985. A title that allows her to register her name once and for all in the musical legend of this twentieth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... the beginning of the 90s which saw her at the best of her form and this paradoxically, she who still comes from the 70s ! Like what, in music, everything is possible !

1991 ... another nice title which literally floats in the air and which proves once again that, in this field, she is definitely one of the very best of her generation !

1991 ... a year 1991 which will unquestionably remain as one of its best vintages. Each title is inspired and works very well. What more !

1995 ... then no much more for 4 years. A career in seesaw which sees her disappear then return each time in a spectacular way. The proof with this new success !

1995 ... a new year 'With emotions', one more ! A business that she will have exploited to the end and which will have brought her fame and fortune !

1998 ... the rest will unfortunately be more complicated to manage than expected. Here she gets her last notorious hit once again on a beautiful Intimist track. Until the end she will have excelled in this area !

1999 ... she tries everything for everything while playing it once again as a luxury cover. This time on a Uncanny Alliance title dating from 1993. It is well tried but it will not be enough to put her back in the race for a long time. Anyway, she can always boast of having left in the musical history of the 80s one of its most beautiful jewels and just as such, obligatory respect !

2000... which will not prevent her from continuing the adventure. Even if the level of success achieved during this new decade will have nothing to do with that achieved in previous decades...

2000... what is certain is that she still has things to offer and especially to sing. Including pretty revisited versions like this cover of the Temptations title dating from 1971...

2000...a title that doesn't have much to do with its predecessor, to say the least. But that works pretty well...

2003 ... here she is now revisiting very old standards, including this one dating from 1946. A daring bet certainly but with a certain result ...

2003... she pays homage here to Rosemary Clooney and her title dating from 1954. A particularly rhythmic revisited version which gives energy as they say...

2003...she goes back a little further in time with this title dating from 1930. Whatever the era, she will have succeeded each time in bringing back to light songs that hadn't been there for a long time.. .

2005...and she does it again 2 years later. She dusts off here a title dating from 1943 and which will have been composed for the musical 'Cabin in the sky'...

2005 ... here comes a title dating from 1937 and which will be found in the musical 'High, wide and handsome'. And as for all the others, her version is one of the most successful...

2005...we end with this title dating from 1955 and present in the musical of the same name. She will have given us two complete albums of covers of more than certain quality, it is clear...

2006... the circle is now complete with this new opus of revisited Christmas titles. We suspected that at some point she was going to go there one way or another...

2006...after having revisited a title from 1943 previously, she attacks here a title which would be of monastic origin and which would date from more than 1000 years, just that...

2006...from one extreme to another : after having revisited a title dating from the 8th or 9th century, she revisits here a title dating from...1985. A title composed by Julie Gold and which necessarily sounds much more contemporary...

2014... covering the Ronettes' flagship title dating from 1963 is an extremely daring bet. But once again she manages to make her version one of the most successful copies...

2014 ... here she brings up to date a title by Martha And The Vandellas dating from 1963. A title full of finesse and lightness that works perfectly...

2014 ... and here comes the turn of the Crystals and their title dating from 1962. Will this title be her last or will we find her again later ? The future will tell us...


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