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Les Béruriers Noirs, also nicknamed the Béru or the Bérus, is a French group formed in 1983 in Paris by Laurent Katrakazos aka "Loran" and Francois Guillemot known as "Fanfan".

Originally, the group was founded in 1978 and was called Bérurier, in reference to the deputy commissioner San Antonio, famous characters from the San Antonio series written by Fréderic Dard. It is made up of Olaf, François and Stef, quickly replaced by Pierrot. Their musical style is very simplistic and consists of a drum machine, an electric guitar pushed to its extremes and a voice.

Which Pierrot quickly leaves the group because called to do his military service (he will end up deserting and end up in prison). He was replaced in 1982 by a certain Loran who had just left the Guernica group. At the end of 1982, it was Olaf's turn to be called up for the service, a call that compelled him and thus saw himself obliged to leave the group himself. A departure which precipitates the decline of the group 1st version resulting in a last farewell concert which takes place in February 1983. To mark this announced death, the group is then renamed Bérurier Noir.

But paradoxically, this last concert creates a buzz, suddenly thickens the group and allows them to sign with the label V.I.S.A. The group is reborn from its ashes and connects concerts, official and unofficial, but often cause incidents during their passage through their rebel and provocative sides.

The year 1984 saw them participate in a European tour of groups in their movement, allowing them to increase their notoriety a little. Which will be followed in 1985 by a tour of France.

It is the year 1986 which will allow them finally to reach a semblance of consecration with the title "L'emprereur tomato ketchup", which passes surprisingly in loop on the radio NRJ, thus allowing them to reach an audience that they had never reached before. Suddenly, the fans of the first hour cry scandal and treason.

The group is at the height of its art in 1988 with a concert at the Zénith in front of almost 7000 people. The group has matured, and above all displays a much more festive and friendly face, something paradoxical about them. Unfortunately, the same year, some members of the group found themselves indirectly involved, through their membership in the Autonomous milieu, in the explosion of the offices of the president of the Regional Chamber of Bailiffs. Accusations concerning them ultimately unfounded but which scare the "turners". Many of their concerts are canceled in the process.

Cancellations which will sharply break the dynamic which carried the group until then and which will end up taking the group which will separate definitively at the end of 1989.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Guernica 1983

  • Nada 1984

  • Nada nada 1985

  • Joyeux merdier 1985

  • L’empereur tomato ketchup 1986

  • Nuit Apache 1988

  • Vive le feu 1990

Clips :

1983 ... the beginnings of an unclassifiable, indefinable group, totally out of the ordinary and at the very least anti-system. But that's also the 80s !

1984 ... a style to say the least hilarious and only reserved for the initiated. General public to abstain ...

1985 ... an adventure that will last much longer than expected. What should have been a most ephemeral adventure given the particular style of the group will also be its strength. Astonishing paradox ...

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! They sign here without knowing it the title which will offer them a direct ticket for posterity, at least at the French level. HU-GE !

1988 ... a supercharged group, and still the word is weak, which is addressed to a clientele exclusively of initiates as they say ... Sensitive soul to abstain ...

1990 ... the transition to the 90s will not change much, as we suspected. We never imagined seeing them suddenly switch to pure dance ...

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