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Philip Bailey is an American singer-songwriter whose particularity, apart from the fact that he is one of the main leaders of the legendary group Earth Wind And Fire, is to also be endowed with a vocal capacity spanning 4 octaves , just that !

He started his artistic career in a small group called Friends & Love before joining the Earth Wind And Fire group at the age of 21 in 1972. A group in which he literally exploded and collected an incredible number of world-class success during the 1970s and 1980s.

It was in 1983 that he embarked on a solo career with the production of a first album called "Continuation". And for a first try, it was quite successful since the album was a significant success, notably thanks to the single "I know".

The year 1984 will see the release not of an album but of 2 ! Starting with "The wonders of his love", an album composed mainly of gospel songs and which will experience a nice course in the Charts specialized in this kind of album.

But it is above all the second album called "The Chinese Wall" which will shatter everything in its path to the world and which remains to this day the artist’s biggest record success on the solo album side. Flagship album which will also produce his biggest hit single with the title "Easy lover", which he performs in duet with Phil Collins, and which will become one of the most notable titles of the decade.

Two new albums were released in 1986 on the same principle as in 1984, namely a gospel album and an album of Dance tracks. The first named "Triumph" and the second named "Inside out". New notorious success for the gospel album but the generalist album knows a much lower level of success than its equivalent released two years earlier.

New gospel album "Family affair" three years later in 1989, album which will be the singer's last significant success. Other albums will be released later but without meeting any real enthusiasm from the public ...

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Discography (among others ...) :

  • I’m waiting for your love 1983

  • I know 1983

  • It's our time 1983

  • I want to know you 1984

  • Easy lover 1984

  • Woman 1984

  • Trapped 1984

  • Photogenic memory 1984

  • Walking on the Chinese wall 1985

  • Echo my heart 1986

  • Thank you 1986

  • Mid-Summer blossoms 1991

  • Merry go round 1991

  • People and places 1993

  • Here with me 1994

  • A diamond just like you 1994

  • Shower me with your love 1997

  • When love goes wrong 1997

  • How can I rely on you 1997

  • Waiting for the rain 1999

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Clips :

1983 ... given the boy's potential, we suspect that his solo career will be as brilliant as the one he had in Earth Wind & Fire. And it's going pretty well ...

1983 ... he confirms with this title all the good that one could think of him in solo. There is talent to spare in this singer, it's obvious !

1983 ... a first shocking but above all charming duo which prefigures many others. All on a track full of finesse that asks only to be listened to ...

1984 ... the BIG year ! A year 1984 which will see him transform everything he touches into gold. This title is only an appetizer as they say ...

1984 ... then THIS title comes ! It must be said that when you bring together 2 artists of such a level, it is obvious that the result can only be exceptional. And it has to be. Here they are simply signing one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and the end of the twentieth century quite simply. A-MA-ZING !

1984 ... a bloated year in terms of titles and above all a melodic quality which does not weaken from one title to another. There are exceptional years like this !

1984 ... moreover, he manages to alternate all styles with an obvious mastery. Here he has arrived in Intimate mode and even in this area, his talent works wonders !

1984 ... an obvious predisposition for the Dance register which once again produced a title of more than certain quality. But with him, we are now used to it !

1985 ... here he signs a new extraordinary title, allowing him to combine an exceptional title in the Dance register and an exceptional title in the Intimist field. Full box as they say !

1986 ... after having reached the top of the mountains, it is clear that he can now only go down. A descent that will fortunately be very smooth ...

1986 ... but it is clear that the best years are now behind. Anyway, what he continues to offer largely holds up and that is the main thing !

1991 ... big 5 years air gap and here he is back in this new decade of the 90s. All on a hybrid title half Intimist, half Dance. And why not...

1991 ... it is clear that the time of the mega hits is far behind but what it offers in this new decade is far from being ridiculous. Once again the proof !

1993 ... new duo of shock and once again of charm. The duets are doing quite well for him and it was clear that there was no reason why this one should not work !

1994 ... he tries to stick to the latest trends of the moment but the competition is already far ahead. Difficult in these conditions to reverse the course of time ...

1994 ... another nice title that literally floats in the air. A style versatility that is only found with the greatest of course ...

1997 ... and what about this one ! Quite simply, a past master in the art of delivering sounds that are good. Nothing fancy but a good job, once again !

1997 ... return the time of a title with its former partners. And what worked before still works because there is talent in all these individuals ...

1997 ... it's been a long time since he lost contact with the best, but he continues his adventure for whatever reason. And frankly, we want more !

1999 ... an adventure which unfortunately draws to an end. But what a caree r! Between the Earth Wind & Fire adventure and his solo career, the artist can always boast of having been one of the big names of the end of the 20th century and this without question !

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