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An American dream... Part 2


Also in 1978, Alan Parker will ask the artist to compose a theme for the new film he intends to make called 'Midnight Express'. And the result will exceed all the director's expectations with a title "Chase" which will become a real phenomenon and boost the film in an unexpected way.

With this incredible and unexpected success, the artist surfs the wave and records a new success the following year with the album "E=MC2". In particular thanks to 2 flagship titles that are "Baby blue" and "E=MC2".

The artist will deliver a new title which will make a mark in 1980 with the title "Call me" which appears on the soundtrack of the film "American gigolo" and which remains to this day one of the most emblematic titles of the Blondie group. The title will be a real worldwide hit that year and add a prestigious star to a list that is already beginning to contain a certain number.

New renowned soundtrack in 1982 for the film "Cat people", soundtrack carried at arm's length by the huge title "Cat people (Putting out fire)" interpreted by David Bowie.

But that's without counting on the new soundtrack that he will deliver a year later in 1983, soundtrack for a kid named...'Flashdance' ! The main title of the soundtrack "What a feeling" will boost the film like never before and remains to this day one of the soundtracks among the most emblematic of this end of the 20th century.

The same year he delivered a new renowned soundtrack for one of the most significant films of the decade, namely 'Scarface'.

It is a surge of soundtracks that we witness in this year 1983 since he will also produce the soundtrack of the film 'D.C. Cab' and offer Irene Cara the possibility of shining once again with the title "The dream (Hold on to your dream)".

Also in 1983 we find him alongside Joe Esposito on the album "Solitary man", an album whose flagship title will remain the Single that bears the name of the album.

The following year in 1984, a new soundtrack was released for the restored version of the film 'Métropolis' dating from 1927. After Debbie Harry, after David Bowie, after Irene Cara, after Paul Engemman, it was Freddy Mercury's turn to to have the composer's favor on the title "Love kills". And as for all the others, success will be planetary...

Also in 1984, the artist worked with the singer Philip Oakey of the Human League and as with the other associations, this one did not go unnoticed far from it. They deliver the title "Together in electric dreams", the flagship title of the soundtrack of the film 'Electric dreams'.

An incredible year 1984 which also sees him produce the theme of the Olympic Games which take place that summer in Los Angeles with the title "Reach out".

And finally it will even end in apotheosis with the release of the enormous title "Neverending story" interpreted by Limahl, the flagship title of the soundtrack of the film 'The neverending story'.

We find him with Philipp Oakey in 1985 on the album "Philipp Oakey & Giorgio Moroder", an album this time with relative success and which only narrowly escaped thanks to the title "Good-Bye bad times".

But the story is far, very far from stopping there because the artist will produce the following year in 1986 what he considers to this day as his jewel, namely the soundtrack of a small film which will become a a real social phenomenon that year, a little film called…'Top Gun' ! Two major titles will be extracted first "Danger zone" interpreted by Kenny Logins but also and above all the monumental "Take my breath away", an extraordinary title that will make the fortune and the glory of the group that interprets it, namely Berlin.

To be continued...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Love now hurt later (Giorgio) 1978

  • Chase 1978

  • Baby blue 1979

  • E=MC2 1979

  • On the radio (Donna Summer) 1979

  • What a night 1980

  • Call me (Blondie) 1980

  • Night drive 1980

  • Cat people (Putting out fire) (David Bowie) 1982

  • What a feeling (Irene Cara) 1983

  • Scarface (Push it to the limit) (Paul Engemann) 1983

  • The dream (Hold on to your dream) (Irene Cara) 1983

  • Solitary man (Joe Esposito) 1983

  • My girl (Joe Esposito) 1983

  • Lady, lady (Joe Esposito) 1983

  • Love kills (Freddy Mercury) 1984

  • Together in electric dreams (Philip Oakey) 1984

  • Now you’re mine (Helen Terry) 1984

  • Never ending story (Limahl) 1984

  • Reach out (Paul Engemann) 1984

  • American dream (Paul Engemann) 1984

  • Good-bye bad times (Philipp Oakey) 1985

  • Be my lover now (Philipp Oakey) 1985

  • Danger zone (Kenny Logins) 1986

  • Take my breath away (Berlin) 1986


Clips :

1978...this title won't do any better than its predecessor, but what's in the works could really change the situation. And the composer can't even imagine how much...

1978... he will sign here quite simply one of the soundtracks among the most emblematic of this end of the decade, just that. And icing on the cake, on a tempo that will ignite all the Dancefloors of the planet. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979... impossible for this title to compete with its predecessor as the bar has been set high. He will therefore have to be satisfied with the few crumbs that he will have left him...

1979...we could have feared the worst with this violent drop in the Charts, to say the least. Just a small passenger air hole as they say...

1979...he continues to want to release titles under his name given the enormous success of 'Chase'. But the future will encourage him more and more to trust others to enhance his compositions to the highest degree. The proof with this title once again !

1980...another title that will go completely under the radar. He will really have to ask himself the right questions about his personal future as a performer...

1980...after having offered Donner Summer several sumptuous compositions, he decides to widen the circle of potential singers and offers Debbie Harry a gift which she did not even imagine would be of such value !

1980...he can't just produce gems, that's for sure. But even the simplest of his titles is by no means devoid of interest...

1982...after Donna Summer, after Debbie Harry, here he is addressing another star of the moment, namely David Bowie. Nice bunch of artists my faith !

1983...a film which was not originally set to smash everything on a planetary level. But it was without counting without this hallucinating title which will change everything and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most significant titles of the decade. CULT !

1983...the quality of the titles he lined up at the beginning of the decade was close to near perfection. His inspiration is simply top of the line and no one at this stage is able to compete with him, that's undeniable !

1983...certainly some titles will go more unnoticed than others but it is clear that he cannot produce Masterpieces every time either...

1983...he teamed up for an album with Joe Esposito, a quality association but which did not produce a major hit. We take whatever happens !

1983 ... what is certain is that no title which he will be at the origin of during this decade 80 will be devoid of interest. A real feat !

1983... what impresses even more is the number of titles produced year after year. His inspiration is in perpetual boiling and does not weaken one Iota which underlines all the more the incredible talent of this man... big caliber soundtrack on the revisited version of the movie Metropolis dating from 1927. The revisited version of the film will not bring much more than the original but the soundtrack will produce a new major hit in all case...

1984 ... it's a deluge of soundtracks that we are witnessing and only soundtracks of very very high level. This time it will be for the film "Electric dreams", a soundtrack that won't be the last, oh no...

1984... another present still on the same soundtrack. This will not have the same level of impact but it would have been a shame to hide it...

1984...and counting ! Another soundtrack that will remain as one of the great moments of the decade and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the iconic singer of Kajagoogoo...

1984 ... he will associate himself on many occasions with Paul Engemann and will make him one of his singers among the most used in the titles he will have composed ...

1984...a singer who will exist mainly through the gifts offered by the composer. Each time gifts of great value that will have allowed him to exist at the highest level...

1985...after having offered Philip Oakey one of the most emblematic soundtracks of the decade, they join forces again on this album but this time for the sole benefit of the singer...

1985...a new association which will not produce a major hit but which will be far from deserving, that is clear. In any case, enough to boost the singer's solo career...

1986...and here comes the year of all records. Starting with this title that will appear on the soundtrack of a short film about planes and testosterone...

1986... except that the little film will become a huge planetary success, a colossal success as much due to the actors and the story of the film as to the exceptional soundtrack which the film will benefit from. With the culmination of this amazing title, the composer's masterpiece offered on a set to the Berlin group and which he considers to date as his greatest success. LE-GEN-DA-RY !


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