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The bullet of the gun...

Little interesting information concerning Derek B, whose real name is Derek Boland, apart from the fact that he is an English singer who will remain mainly in the musical history of the end of the 20th century for the high caliber single "Good groove" which will be released in 1986.

For this reason alone we had to dedicate this article to him.

Singer who died prematurely on November 15, 2009 following a heart attack at the age of 44.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Rock the beat 1987

  • Get down 1987

  • Good groove 1988

  • We’ve got the juice 1988

  • Bad young brother 1988

  • Alright now 1988

  • Success 1988

  • Power move 1988

  • Human time bomb 1988

  • All city 1988

90s  Decade :

  • You’ve got to look up 1990


Tracks :

1987...a first title to take the plunge. The title will go somewhat unnoticed but it at least launched the adventure...

1987...a sequel which will finally allow young Derek to move from the shadows to the light with a first success obtained with this title...

1988...the year 1987 saw him blossom and then win a first classified title but it was the year 1988 and THIS title which will offer him his direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1988...he did it again with this new title and obtained the same ranking as previously. Certainly, when it wants, it wants !

1988...a BIG year 1988 and the best for him without a doubt. It must be said that he has almost already reached the end of the adventure...

1988...we will therefore have to highlight the titles not officially released and present on his only album otherwise his discography will seem somewhat light...

1988...a flash career but also a flash life. Because he doesn't know it yet, but he won't reach fifty age-wise...

1988...a Rap style which is somewhat at the end of its run at the end of the 80s. Hence the fact that he will have had little time to prove what he was worth in this field... is clear that he did not take the easy route by positioning himself in this niche, especially for a non-American. A dare to say the least...

1988...he will have at least tried in any case and will still have managed to score a few hits in this area which in itself is a performance...

1990...we find him one last time 2 years later on this title. A most ephemeral adventure but which will still have left a mark in history, that's already it...


Top Bonus : his very personal version of the Christmas special titles...


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