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The boy who curses girls...

Jean-Louis Murat, whose real name is Jean-Louis Bergheaud, is a French singer-songwriter who really started his artistic career by forming the group “Clara”. Group he founded with some friends from Clermont-Ferrand.

The group will meet on their way a certain… William Sheller. Who takes them at first to ensure several of his first parts. Then as musicians in a second.

The group eventually split up and Sheller then offers Murat the opportunity to record a first 45 RPM which will be titled "Suicidez-vous le peuple est mort". We are then in 1981 and the singer is then 27 years old.

Unfortunately, the title is censored by the radios which find it too dark and can have a bad impact on the youth. It's a fail.

New attempt a year later in 1982 with a mini album and another failure. Ditto for the album "Passions privées" which was released in 1984.

It will take him three years and the year 1987 to see his efforts finally rewarded with the title "Si je devais manquer de toi". This time, the success is indeed at the rendezvous. The artist’s rating is soaring.

Success was confirmed two later in 1989 with the album "Cheyenne autumn" carried in part by the title "Te garder près de moi".

But it was with a woman that he would experience his greatest success. A magical duo recorded in 1991 with a certain… Mylène Farmer. The dark and magnificent single "Regrets" will sell more than 300,000 copies and explode the notoriety of the singer.

In the process, he released his album "Le manteau de pluie" which inevitably benefits from the fallout from this notoriety at its zenith. The singles “Col de la Croix-Morand” and “Sentiment nouveau” were a great success.

Notoriety which unfortunately will decline slowly but surely over the years. The opuses that will be released subsequently will no longer find the same echo among the public as in previous years. An audience disconcerted by the singer's increasingly obscure and tormented personality and a musical orientation more and more out of step with his time.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Suicidez vous le peuple est mort 1981

  • Si je devais manquer de toi 1987

  • Le garçon qui maudit les filles 1988

  • L'ange déchu 1989

  • Amours débutants 1989

  • Te garder près de moi 1990

  • Col de la Croix Morand 1991

  • Regrets 1991

  • Sentiment nouveau 1992

  • Cours dire aux hommes faibles 1992

  • Le lien défait 1993

  • Tout est dit 1993

  • Le matelot 1994

  • Le monde caressant 1995

  • Fort Alamo 1996

  • A quoi tu rêves 1997


Clips :

1981 ... the first steps of an alien who will become one of the biggest musical UFOs of the 1980s

1987 ... after a first track that we can easily qualify as experimental, the singer prefers to let a few years pass before returning to the forefront. A retreat to say the least beneficial. He came back in force in 1987 and signed here a BIG title which literally exploded his notoriety. There is talent in this man, that's clear !

1988 ... unfortunately, the singer does not manage to ride the wave of success as he should. The continuation is of quality but cannot compete with the previous steamroller

1989 ... few titles to chew on each year, but in this case, rarity means certain quality. Here he signs an excellent title which allows him to end the decade in style and above all to stay in the race

1989 ... a particularly inspired year 1989 which saw him release two very large caliber titles. At the best of its form and its art !

1990 ... we may change the decade, the quality remains. It is rather reassuring, you will tell me. Let's see more ...

1991 ... we switch slowly but surely in the Intimist register. A parenthesis my very successful faith. We want more !

1991 ... the improbable duo which nevertheless will give birth to one of the most beautiful titles of the decade, even of the end of the XXth century. A WONDER, captivating wish and which dedicates 2 of the best artists of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1992 ... a title that flows naturally, very simple but with a remarkable melody. First-rate Intimist dynamics !

1992 ... and always in this unclassifiable, unique and very personal style. Its strength, while being its weakness ...

1993 ... a decade of 90 incontestably and irremediably under the sign of the register 'With emotions'. We are far from the top of the Charts but each title is a real revelation !

1993 ... even if the tempo re-accelerates a little, we remain in the most perfect fluidity. A partly unknown discography which nevertheless conceals real treasures !

1994 ... the sailor .... From Kersauson ... A physical resemblance to that most astonishing time. Surely unwanted but the parallel makes you smile ...

1995 ... a new ballad of great beauty, all in finesse. A title that floats in the air for our greatest pleasure

1996 ... a career that takes place completely outside the standards of the time. A bias displayed and claimed. But there is a price to pay ...

1997 ... to finish, a more playful title, which contrasts with the preceding productions. Nice flashback and especially a nod to the 80s


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