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The better part of her...

Jaki Graham is an English singer who started her musical career within the group "Ferrari" before joining another group called "Medium wave".

She had her first big success in 1985 with the title "Could it be I’m falling in love". Title she performs in duet with David Grant.

The same year, it was the title "Round and around" which also enjoyed success.

It is the year 1986 which will definitively consecrate the singer with no less than 3 classified hits, namely "Step right up", "Breaking away" as well as the masterful "Set me free" which sets fire to all dancefloor of the planet.

Other titles will be released later, but with less success.

We must wait until 1994 to see her return to success thanks to her enormous recovery of the title of Chaka Khan "Ain’t nobody".

Title which will be classified in the very first places of the Charts. It will be his last major success.

An adventure that will continue all the same afterwards and which will see her release other albums of significant interest...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• What's the name of your game 1984

• Heaven knows 1984

• Could it be I’m falling in love 1985

• Round and around 1985

• Mated 1985

• Set me free 1986

• Breaking away 1986

• Step right up 1986

• Still in love 1987

• No more tears 1988

• From now on 1989

• The better part of me 1989

• Touch me (When we're dancing) 1991

• Ain’t nobody 1994

• You can count on me 1995

• Absolute E-Sensual 1995

• You're one desire 1996

• How can I be sure 1996

• Let me know 1998

• I always 1998

• How long has this been going on 2012

• Lover man 2012

• Get it right 2018

• When a woman loves 2018

• About your love 2018


Clips :

1984 ... a first title to break in and show that we exist. Unfortunately, there are not many people on the balcony to see that precisely ...

1984 ... a very promising start which enabled her to obtain his first classified hit from the 2nd title. A first hit that calls many others !

1985 ... then we go directly to the size XXXL hit. This time, it's a global mega hit that propels her One Shot to the rank of star and makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment !

1985 ... a decidedly exceptional year which saw her go from tube to tube. It only took a short year to break in to literally explode the following year !

1985 ... the 2 lovebirds really do wonders and end the year in style with this new hit. In just 1 year, she will have become one of the literally essential singers across the Channel !

1986 ... but it is THIS title which will make her enter definitively in the musical legends of the 80s. An intergalactic hit which sets fire to all dancefloor on the planet and which will surely remain as one of the biggest hits Dance of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... the year 1985 was a year rich in hits and 1986 will be as strong, if not better. Jaki literally walks on the water !

1986 ... the 3rd top hit of the year. A flood of hits that nothing and no one can stop and which allows her to display one of the most beautiful charts of the moment. Hope it lasts !

1987 ... in an ocean of Dance hits, she sometimes takes a little sweet break. And it also works perfectly !

1988 ... after 2 huge years who will have seen her smash everything in its path, the singer knows her first big air hole. The quality is always there, but it is no longer enough to make a difference compared to the competition ...

1989 ... an end of decade more difficult to negotiate than expected. Difficult to stay on top all the time, Jaki will unfortunately learn it the hard way !

1989 ... back to Intimist mode. Even if she no longer meets the top of the Charts, the quality is still in order but this will not be enough to bring her back to the front of the stage

1991 ... she tries the transition to the 90s hoping to be able to reverse the course of things. Maybe not on this one, but it could be that a miracle will happen in the years to come ...

1994 ... after several years of crossing the desert, she rises from the ashes in a spectacular way thanks to this luxury cover of the flagship title of Rufus & Chaka Khan dating from 1983. Like what, nothing is never lost !

1995 ... a splendid career which ends in beauty in this year 1995 and which sees her producing 2 last hits of heavy gauge. What more !

1995 ... this time, it is indeed the end. A last planetary hit as a farewell gift, one could not dream of better !

1996 ... it may be the end of the Charts side but surely not the end of the adventure far from it. Because she still has things to offer at first sight and especially to sing !

1996...and things to sing of quality, it is clear. Certainly the best years are now behind her but she still intends to add beautiful pages to a career book that is far from over...

1998 ... in any case she continues to believe in it and as long as she takes pleasure in doing what she does there is no reason for her to throw in the towel prematurely ...

1998...and in principle she is absolutely right because in music, everything is always possible. A return to grace is never to be excluded...

2012 ... we will still lose sight of her for almost 14 years thereafter, which is not nothing. Difficult in these conditions to hang up the wagons as they say...

2012... moreover not sure that the musical style for which she opted is the best way to return to the front of the stage. Afterwards, it is her who manages her career as she sees fit...

2018...and here she is again 6 years later. Still there in any case, where a good number of singers who started at the same time as her have already disappeared a long time ago. A feat worth noting...

2018...certainly this new comeback will unfortunately once again go somewhat unnoticed, but it will at least have had the merit of demonstrating that talent has no age !

2018... so will this title really be the last ? Not sure at all because we now know with her everything is always possible...


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