The best of me...

Cliff Richard, whose real name is Harry Webb, is an English singer whose particularity is to be as popular across the Channel as a Johnny Halliday in Freance. He is also the artist who counts the most N ° 1 in the English Charts.

He started his musical career at the age of 16, after his father bought him his first guitar. In 1957, he formed his first group "The Quintones", then became the singer of the "Dick Teague Skiffle Group", then joined "The Drifters".

It was at this time that he took the pseudonym Cliff, Richard will be a reference to the rocker Little Richard.

He released his first single "Move it" in 1958 with the Drifters, a title that made a real splash as soon as it was released. The singer's career is launched.

He quickly became the English Elvis Presley and the hits continued for a decade. He participated twice in Eurovision, once in 1968 where he finished second with the title "Congratulations" and once in 1973 where he finished third with the title "Power to all our friends".

After the 60s which made him a real planetary star, the turn of the 70s was more difficult to negotiate and the singer saw his notoriety seriously decline.

He will regain center stage and public favors in the mid-70s with the release of singles like "Miss you nights" and "Devil woman".

But it is especially the enormous "We don’t talk anymore" which was released in 1979 which will propel him to the top of the hits of the whole world and relaunch it in a sustainable way. Over 5,000,000 copies will be sold worldwide !

In 1980, another big success with the single "Carrie". The outputs of singles will follow in the years that follow with more or less success.

But it is the album "Always guaranteed" released in 1986 which will remain as his best opus of the 80s especially with titles like "My pretty one" and the magnificent "Some people".

Decade that will end in style with the release of single hits "Mistletoe and wine" in 1988, "The best of me" in 1989 and "Savior’s day" in 1990.

Always in activity, this artist with exceptional artistic longevity is far from having said his last musical word ... matter to follow !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Move it 1958

  • Living doll 1959

  • Travellin' light 1959

  • A voice in the wilderness 1960

  • Fall in love with you 1960

  • Please don't tease 1960

  • Nine times out of ten 1960

  • I love you 1960

  • A girl like you 1961

  • When the girl in your arms is the girl in your heart 1961

  • The young ones 1962

  • I'm looking out the window 1962

  • It'll be me 1962

  • The next time 1962

  • Summer holliday 1963

  • Lucky lips 1963

  • It's all in the game 1963

  • Don't talk to him 1963

  • I'm the lonely one 1964

  • Constantly (L'Edera) 1964

  • On the beach 1964

  • I could easily (Fall ijn love with you) 1964

  • The minute you're gone 1965

  • Wind me up (Let me go) 1965

  • Visions 1966

  • In the country 1966

  • It's all over 1967

  • The day I met Marie 1967

  • All my love (Solo tu) 1967

  • Congratulations 1968

  • Marianne 1968

  • Good times (Better times) 1969

  • Throw down a line 1969

  • Goodye Sam, Hello Samantha 1970

  • Sunny honey girl 1971

  • Don't move away 1971

  • Power to all our friends 1973

  • Take me high 1973

  • Miss you nights 1976

  • Devil woman 1976

  • I can't ask for anymore than you 1976

  • My kinda life 1977

  • Can't take the heart anymore 1978

  • We don’t talk anymore 1979

  • Carrie 1980

  • Dreamin’ 1980

  • Suddenly 1980

  • A little in love 1981

  • Wired for sound 1981

  • Daddy's home 1981

  • The only way out 1982

  • Little town 1982

  • True love ways 1983

  • Drifting 1983

  • Please don’t fall in love 1983

  • Baby you're dynamite 1984

  • She’s so beautiful 1985

  • All I ask of you 1986

  • My pretty one 1987

  • Some people 1987

  • Remember me 1987

  • Two hearts 1988

  • Mistletoe and wine 1988

  • The best of me 1989

  • I just don’t have the heart 1989

  • Lean on you 1989

  • Stronger thant that 1990

  • Saviour’s day 1990

  • We should be together 1991

  • I still believe in you 1992

  • Peace in our time 1993

  • Healing love 1993

  • Had to be 1995

  • Can't keep this feeling in 1998

  • Millenium prayer 1999

Clips :

1958 ... the very first steps of a young man who will become one of the greatest singers of this end of the XXth century in just a few decades !

1959 ... the young Cliff does not imagine for a moment the incredible career that awaits him in the years and especially the decades to come. You just have to give him a little time ...

1959 ... in just 2 years its obvious potential will have literally exploded and we imagine that the decade of the 60s will see him ramp up in an impressive way

1960 ... the 1960s started off on a high note with a level of planetary success attained, to say the least, incredible given the singer's young age. And that's just the beginning...

1960 ... every title that comes out now immediately turns into a global mega hit. The singer is now on a dynamic of success which is not ready to stop ...

1960 ... mega hits follow one another at an impressive speed. The singer sticks to the times with obvious ease to say the least !

1960 ... a year 1960 which will count no less than 5 mega hits, just that ! And the years to come will unroll in much the same way, that is to say !

1960 ... the adventure is already incredible and yet only begins for the young singer. An amazing success to say the least ...

1961 ... the year 1961 will produce 2 mega hits starting with this one. A year 1961 a slight notch below the previous year but when we see the level reached by the previous year, it was almost impossible to match !

1961 ... a magnificent ballad that literally floats in the air and shows obvious versatility in the singer. Everything to please !

1962 ... we will find in 1962 almost the same level of success as in 1960, that is to say ! The singer unrolls with a truly incredible ease !

1962 ... a know-how among the best of the moment and this in an incontestable way. You can imagine that with such talent, it’s going to last a few more years !

1962 ... whether in fast mode or in softer mode, it works no matter what. Everything he touches now immediately turns into gold !

1962 ... new large caliber ballad, an Intimist domain in which his voice really does wonder. We want more !

1963 ... and it continues all the better ! Impossible to stop the young singer to whom everything succeeds in a properly insolent way !

1963 ... the singer reaches an incredible level of success with this title, a title which undoubtedly makes him one of the biggest phenomena of the moment on a planetary level. HU-GE !

1963 ... he gives here a revisited version to say the least original and above all astonishing of the title of Tommy Edwards. An original title dating from 1958 which he brings up to date with obvious pleasure !

1963 ... 4 mega hits for this year 1963, a year which will undoubtedly remain one of its best years, it is clear. One more !

1964 ... the years go by without the level of success falling by one Iota. The singer is entering his 5th year among the Elite and does not intend to stop on such a good path, it is clear !

1964 ... another absolutely sumptuous 'With emotions' track that proves us once again the extreme talent of the singer in this very particular register. MA-GIC !

1964 ... we go from one extreme to another. After the sweetness, here comes the overspeed. In addition, an overspeed that works my faith very well. The singer switches the tempos with more than obvious mastery

1964 ... an overspeed that we find again on this title. Even if this title will not be his greatest success, it will still be one of his best achievements