The Atomic bomb !

Blondie is an American group formed in 1975 in New York by Déborah Harry and Chris Stein.

Couple who met in 1973 in the group "The Stilettos", him guitarist, her singer and former waitress. They form together a first group called "Angel and the Snake" which will later become "Blondie".

The first album of the name of the group was released in 1976 and it was the single "In the flesh", released in 1977, which was to be their first success, especially in Australia.

In 1978 the album "Plastic letters" was released, from which the hit "Denis" would be extracted.

But it is the third album "Parallel lines" also released in 1978 which will become their biggest commercial success with more than 20 million albums sold worldwide ! And this thanks to the singles "Picture this", "Hanging on the telephone", "Sunday girl" but especially with the enormous "Heart of glass" which becomes a huge worldwide success.

In 1979 the album "Eat to the beat" was released, from which the flagship titles "Dreaming", "Union city blue" and the excellent "Atomic" would be extracted.

The group will again experience a huge global success in 1980 with the title "Call me". Title that is part of the soundtrack of the film "American Gigolo" and produced in collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder.

Also in 1980, it was the album "Autoamerican" which came out which contained 2 headlines namely "The tide is high" and "Rapture". Still successful.

The album "The hunter" was released in 1981 but this time, the success was not there.

In addition, tensions will arise within the group over the excessive starization of Debbie Harry.

Falling sales, financial problems, internal rivalries, it is too much, the group will not recover and explodes in 1982.

Flagship group of the transition from the 70s to the 80s on the US side, Blondie, and especially her singer Debbie Harry, will have deeply marked the minds of the time and will forever remain flagship values ​​of this incredible era.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• In the flesh 1976

• Denis 1978

• (I'm always touched by your) Presence, dear 1978

• Picture this 1978

• I'm gonna love you too 1978

• Hanging on the telephone 1978

• Heart of glass 1979

• Sunday girl 1979

• One way or another 1979

• Dreaming 1979

• Union city blue 1979

• The hardest part 1980

• Call me 1980

• Atomic 1980

• The tide is high 1980

• Rapture 1981

• Island of lost souls 1982

• War child 1982

• Danceway 1982

• Maria 1999

• Nothing is real but the girl 1999

• Good boys 2003

Clips :

1976 ... the first steps of a small group which will simply become one of the biggest phenomena of the end of this decade ...

1978 ... the confirmation of a talent well above the average. Result : 1st global mega hit. And that's just the beginning !

1978 ... now that the dynamics of success are in place, it will unfold. And that, to unfold, it will unfold, in a steamroller version !

1978 ... after a smooth start to the career, everything suddenly accelerates. It's a flood of very large caliber hits that will follow now ...

1978 ... a bloated 1978 year in terms of titles with a qualitative level that fluctuates somewhat between titles. For this one, we will have to be satisfied with the union minimum ...

1978 ... a group which literally explodes and which suddenly becomes ESSENTIAL at the end of the 1970s. And still, the best is yet to come !

1979 ... and the beginning of the best, there it is ! The group delivers here a HUGE title which will quickly become an interplanetary tube which will literally smash everything in its path. They simply sign here one of the biggest hits of that year and of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... the tube machine is running at full speed and nothing and no one can stop it ... The Masters of the World !

1979 ... the 'little' hit of the year. In an ocean of mega planetary tubes, the group sometimes plays it small arms and especially to lack a little inspiration ...

1979 ... business resumes with this title. Blondiemania is in full swing, the group is at the top of its possibilities and here adds a new star to its prize list which already has some !

1979 ... now it's not complicated. It is a released title = 1 top hit at least, if not 1 mega hit. The group literally walks on water !

1980 ... the beginning of the 1980s in a halftone, a phenomenon that does not really resemble them. But hey, given what is looming on the horizon, no worries about the next events !

1980 ... the other HUGE hit which makes them definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s !! They simply sign here one of the biggest Dance hits of the 20th century, just that. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... the "Atomic" bomb ! You would have thought it would be difficult to equal an incredible year 1979 for the group. 1980 will be even stronger with 3 Interplanetary class hits. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1980 ... hit, hit, it never ends ! You want some here ! Here comes the world's third mega-hit for the group, which relegates the competition a little more light years behind. Totally stunning !

1981 ... the beautiful Deborah at her best and who plays her femme fatale. How to resist her in the face of this new title of interplanetary class and which offers them a new notorious success. One more !

1982 ... then suddenly, after years and years of undisputed reign on the musical planet, they deliver their latest world class success here. Either way, an ultra-discography that contains many of the biggest hits of the 20th century. So I say : hat !

1982 ... after a totally shattering start to the 1980s, what followed was much more complicated to manage than expected. Loss of inspiration and unsuitable style, everything comes together for the great tumble ...

1982 ... total unscrewing on this title which will not even be classified. They do not deserve, far from it but the spring is broken and the adventure comes to an abrupt end. Frankly damage ...

1999 ... as incredible as it may seem, the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes at the end of the 90s. And here marks a pretty somewhat unexpected success ...

1999 ... an incredible come-back, to say the least. Because what they offer really holds water and fits perfectly with the new trends of the moment. To say the least impressive !

2003 ... almost 30 years after their debut, still there ! Who would have believed it, especially when we see the big air hole they crossed during the 90s. Like what, nothing never ended !

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