The adventures of Gerard Lambert...

Renaud, whose real name Renaud Séchan, is a French singer-songwriter who has produced no less than 23 albums.

Arrived at adolescence and little gifted for studies, he quickly turned to Maoist and Trotskyist circles and actively participated in French May 68.

It was at this time that he composed his first songs. Titles like "Crève salope" in particular, a title that will know its heyday with protesting students.

In 1969, he definitively stopped studying and began to frequent the robber gangs of Argenteuil, République and Bastille. Brawls and small breakages become his daily lot for a while.

Until 1975, he lived odd jobs, played apprentice actors and was noticed one evening by Jacqueline Herrenschmidt and François Berheim who offered him to make a record.

His first album "Amoureux de Paname" came out in stride and had a great esteem success.

The year 1977 arrives when the singer's destiny will completely change when the album "Laisse béton" is released. Album from which will be extracted the cult title of the same name. Thanks to this title, the whole of France now knows the singer.

In 1979, the album "Ma gonzesse" was released, from which it was mainly "C’est mon dimanche". Song that will be banned from the air altogether.

It was in 1980 that the notoriety of the singer exploded when the album "Marche à l'ombre" was released, more violent and darker than the previous one. Huge success partly due to the song of the same name and others like "Dans mon HLM", "Les aventures de Gerard Lambert" and "It is not because you are". The album will sell more than 700,000 copies.

New air gap in 1981 with the release of the album "Le retour de Gérard Lambert" which, despite titles like "Manu" and "La blanche", will not have the same enthusiasm as the previous one.

After a one-year maritime interlude where the singer took off on a boat with his little family, he returned in 1983 with the album "Morgane de toi", an album recorded in the United States. Hugely successful album that sold over a million and a half copies. Album carried by titles like "Morgane de toi", "Dès que le vent soufflera" or "En cloque".

In 1986 the album "Mistral gagnant" was released, an album with colossal success. The titles "Mistral gagnant", "Miss Magie" go a real tobacco, to the point of triggering a controversy in England for the sulphurous "Miss Magie" in which the singer does not really take gloves to skin the Iron Lady.

But the singer sinks slowly but irretrievably into depression. Deep discomfort, one of the main triggers of which is the death of his friend Coluche, a death that deeply marks him.

He released the album "Putain de camion" in 1988 which he would dedicate to his children. Album with average success because released without promotion.

The album "Marchand de cailloux" released in 1991 will do little better, an album openly oriented towards anti-Gulf War and anti-socialist leaders.

We know the rest, the descent into hell, alcoholism, severe depression in the years that follow. But that's another story….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Amoureux de Paname 1975

• Laisse béton 1977

• Je suis une bande de jeune 1977

• Adieu minette 1978

• La boum 1978

• C’est mon dernier bal 1979

• Ma gonzesse 1979

• Sans dec 1979

• Marche à l’ombre 1980

• Dans mon HLM 1980

• Viens chez moi, j’habite chez une copine 1980

• It is not because you are 1980

• Banlieue rouge 1981

• Mon beauf 1981

• Dès que le vent soufflera 1983

• En cloque 1983

• Morgane de toi 1984

• Miss Magie 1985

• Mistral gagnant 1986

• Jonathan 1988

• La mère à Titi 1988

• Il pleut 1990

• Le p'tit voleur 1992

• La ballade Nord Irlandaise 1992

• C'est quand qu'on va où 1994

• Le petit chat est mort 1995

• Fallait pas 1996

Clips :

1975 ... a first title that goes somewhat unnoticed. The style, like the look, is already there. But for now, that is not enough ...

1977 ... then comes THIS title. France is in shock...visual and sound. But who is this alien looking like a thug who brings a fresh and healthy wind to French song ...

1977 ... a truly unique style and completely outside the standards of the time. And that's what will make all the difference ...

1978 ... a first Intimist title which already shows the singer's very special pre-arrangements in this area

1978 ... titles very simple but of formidable efficiency. And this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come ...

1979 ... he confirms, title after title, an obvious talent. A talent that will prove in the future as one of the best of the 80s on the French side

1979 ... another simple ballad that works perfectly. Just like these texts that speak to everyone ...

1979 ... the first BIG year with 3 heavyweight titles. What better way to prepare for the transition to the next decade ...

1980 ... change of decade. The character begins to style, but also in ideas ...

1980 ... a title that will remain as one of its most emblematic. And always in this popular register that sticks to his skin

1980 ... no more black jackets, the denim jacket takes over. Obvious change of attitude ...

1980 ... sweet songs is really his thing, as paradoxical as it may seem. And the years that follow will continue to prove it vividly !

1981 ... each year, its flagship title. And for the year 1981, it will be this one. A linear evolution and perfectly mastered !

1981 ... the slow evolution straddling 2 eras. No more carelessness and utopian claims ...

1983 ... the beginning of great popular songs. A less demanding but much more effective registry

1983 ... very simple melodies of which he is the only one to have the secret. And that make all the difference with the competition ...

1984 ... this one in the same style is not bad either. Obvious mastery of the elements that allow him to get the best of the best

1985 ... he loves to sing for women...sometimes he loves them, sometimes he hates them, the proof ...

1986 ... which will surely remain as one of his masterpieces. Surely one of the most beautiful titles of the decade on the French side. MA-GIC !

1988 ... after an empty year in 1987, we find the singer in great shape on this track with strong humanist overtones. Unfortunately, as soon as he goes down this path, success does not follow ...

1988 ... the humanist parenthesis being closed, here he is again in the popular register. A register that succeeds him rather well, that's clear

1990 ... a change of decade which is once again very smooth. A decade 90 which will unfortunately prove to be very disappointing ...

1992 ... a 'Renaud' style which begins to find its limits in an era where everything is going faster and faster. Tough law of the trade ...

1992 ... against a backdrop of Celtic folklore, he delivers here a lovely ballad that makes us instantly travel, at least by spirit. Bet successful as they say !

1994 ... the talent is still there. But the stroke of genius that worked miracles the previous decade is slightly to absent subscribers ...

1995 ... the little cat is dead but Renaud is not yet. The proof with this new Intimist title of very high class

1996 ... a decade that ends prematurely with this title. The artist will be reborn the following better reshape behind...and reborn again

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