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The 5 Fantastic ...

Who does not know today this legendary group resulting from a family made up of 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls, whose children received with varying degrees of musical aptitudes for the exceptional one, for the others of very great quality. Founded in 1963, the group was originally called "Jacksons Five" but it was the break with the Motown record label in 1976 that forced them to rename themselves the Jacksons. The group is led with an iron fist by Joseph "Joe" Jacksons, violent and authoritarian father of the family, who will make them chain Contests and performances until 1970, exceptional year which sees their 1st single released, namely " I want you back ". And it’s a phenomenal success. One of the children immediately broke away from the group, both in his amazing voice and in his extraordinary gestures. A certain Michael… The tubes will be linked, years after years to end in apotheosis in the early 80s. We will remember the now legendary "Blame it on the boggie" released in 1978 and "Can you feel it" in 1981 which remain their most successful dance titles to this day. It was from 1981 that Mickael began his solo career, thereby sounding the death knell for this adventure that would have propelled the whole family to the firmament and that would have brought him forever to the World Musical Pantheon. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Big boy 1967

• I want you back 1969

• A.B.C. 1970

• I found that girl 1970

• The love you save 1970

• I'll be there 1970

• Mama's pearl 1970

• Never can say goodbye 1971

• Lookin' through the window 1972

• Hallelujah day 1973

• Dancing machine 1974

• I'am love 1974

• Forever came today 1975

• Enjoy yourself 1976

• Show you the way to go 1977

• Blame it on the boggie 1978

• Shake your body 1979

• Lovely one 1980

• This place hotel 1980

• Can you feel it 1981

• Walk right now 1981

• State of shock 1984

• Torture 1984

• Body 1984

• Nothin' (That compares 2 U) 1989

• 2300 Jackson street 1989


Clips :

1967 ... the first steps of a small family group which will become one of the biggest tube factories of all time ...

1969 ... the first hit of one of the most famous siblings in contemporary musical history. And what a hit ! It's a real planetary tidal wave

1970 ... they reoffend a year later with an equally HUGE hit. The group becomes a real phenomenon !

1970 ... their first very large Ultimate Slow. Result: new mega hit. The opposite would have been surprising !

1970 ... the hits are now linked at an impressive speed. A decidedly exceptional year for siblings ...

1970 ... new global mega hit with an Intimist and subtle title. A title on which little Michael once again does wonders

1970 ...the 'Mama's pearl'... In reference to this extraordinary sibling ... Whether it is the case or not, this title rhymes again with top hit !

1971 ... and yes, they are the first to sing this song which will become a few years later one of the biggest planetary hits of the decade thanks to the cover of Gloria Gaynor. Definitely too strong !

1972 ... for this year, the top hit, it will be this one. With a little Michael who grows, grows, grows ...

1973 ... always as rhythmic, always as playful. A sound recognizable among all. The trademark 'Jackson' what ...

1974 ... out of the 5 members of the group, 4 have changed little. On the other hand, one evolves in an incredible way and really begins to burst the screen. We imagine which ...

1974 ... a little sweet break in an ocean of Dance hits. They know how to do little guys !

1975 ... we suspected that Dance would come back in force. With them, it's compulsive !

1976 ... the year of the name change. For the rest, nothing changes. Always as effective !

1977 ... Jackson story, season 2 begins ... 10 years after their smashing debut, a new series of mega hits awaits the siblings

1977 ... little Michael has grown up a lot ... and is already delivering top-notch choreography. The whole success of the group rests on its frail shoulders from the start !

1978 ... we thought they had the maximum level of consecration. It was without counting on this HUGE tube ! One of the biggest Dance hits of the 70s and surely one of their most emblematic

1979 ... and this one will be even stronger in terms of classification in the Charts. Yes Yes, it's possible ! Masters of the world !

1980 ... they will have crossed the decade 60, then the decade 70 and here they are starting without any complex the decade 80. One could think that it will be the decade of too much but it is without counting on their remarkable capacity of adaptation !

1980 ... a title mainly focused on Michael where the brothers will only make a very timid appearance, mainly on percussion

1981 ... the intergalactic hit which will remain as one of their most beautiful jewels. A Dance monument that will illuminate the 1980s and the 20th century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... 100%, 1000%, 10,000% Funk ! But difficult to compete with the previous steamroller ...

1984 ... once again a Michael at the top of the bill who steals the show from the brothers ... But there is Him and the others ...

1984 ... the end of an extraordinary epic with this last hit of very large caliber. A sibling of legend who will have had a level of performance almost unequaled in the musical history of the 80s

1984 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. This title will have a significant success and it would have been frankly a shame to hide it

1989 ... we thought they were definitively lost but here they are coming back in a resounding way at the end of this decade. It will be the last time ...

1989 ... a unique title that brings the entire Jackson family together in an exceptional way. A rare document that takes on even more value over the years ...


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