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Duran Duran is an English group, originally from Birmingham created in 1978 by Nick Rhodes (keyboards) and John Taylor (bass). The group's name is said to be taken from the 1968 film "Barbarella", one of the protagonists of which is called Doctor Durand Durand, a mad scientist. It was not until 1980 that Roger Taylor (drums), Andy Taylor (Guitar) arrived, but especially Simon Le Bon, the group's iconic singer. The Taylor triplet is unrelated. It was while playing in Birmingham night clubs that they stood out and signed with EMI. It was in 1981 that their first single "Planet Earth" was released, which did not go unnoticed, far from it. Their first album came out in the wake of the name of the group from which the single "Girls on film" would be taken. And there it is the cardboard, the single ranking among the best sellers. The censorship of the clip will further increase the phenomenon. 1982 saw the release of the album "Rio" which contained the hits "Hungry like the wolf", "Save a prayer" and "Rio". But it was especially in 1983 that the machine got carried away with the release of the single "Is there something I sould know" which made a real hit. Nick Rhodes allowing himself the same year to produce the single of another group which also will make him a misfortune to know…. "Too shy" by Kajagoogoo ! Released the same year the third album which contains the hits "Union of the snake" and especially the now cult "The reflex". The group is baptized with the nickname "Fab Five" (the five fabulous ...) in reference to the Beatles, the "Fab Four". The single "The wild boys" was released in November 1984 and also became a hit and 1985 saw the release of the interplanetary hit "A view to a kill", James Bond soundtrack, it's the consecration ! This is when the group decides to split up. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor open the parenthesis "Arcadia" and the production of the album "So red the rose" from which the hit "Election day" emerged. John Taylor and Andy Taylor embark on the adventure of "Power Station", collaborate with Robert Palmer to produce the single "Some like it hot". This parenthesis will unfortunately prove final for John and Andy Taylor who will not return to the group, sounding the death knell for the meteoric breakthrough of this extraordinary group and now legendary group of the 80s. A last good single "Ordinary world" with the revamped group will be released in 1993 but it will be the last hit. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Planet Earth 1981

  • Careless memories 1981

  • Girls on film 1981

  • My own way 1981

  • Hungry like the wolf 1982

  • Save a prayer 1982

  • Rio 1982

  • Is there something I should know 1983

  • Union of the snake 1983

  • New moon on Monday 1984

  • The reflex 1984

  • The wild boys 1985

  • A view to a kill 1985

  • Notorious 1986

  • Skin trade 1987

  • Meet El Présidente 1987

  • I don’t want your love 1988

  • All she wants is 1988

  • Do you believe in shame 1989

  • Burning the ground 1989

  • Violence of summer (Love's taking over) 1990

  • Serious 1990

  • Ordinary world 1993

  • Come undone 1993

  • Too much information 1993

  • White lines 1995

  • Out of my mind 1997

  • (Reach up for the) Sunrise 2004

Clips :

1981 ... the very first steps of little youngsters who will become in a few years one of the most emblematic musical references of the decade. The show is just beginning !

1981 ... from their beginnings, everything is already there : the style, the sound, the look. All they have to do is unroll and to unroll, that will unroll !

1981 ... the ramp-up is linear, as is the success. A pretty incredible first year of existence which already sees them begin to grasp the stars !

1981 ... 4 titles in this single year 1981 and already 4 notable successes including 2 top planetary hits, just that. It is clear that this group is totally out of the ordinary !

1982 ... after a year 1981 that we will describe as "running in", the group is now - and already - at cruising speed and stands out as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1982 ... a sweet break that doesn't really look like them but that shows that they can do it too. A remarkable versatility for a group that is no less !

1982 ... the group is now at full power and is preparing the mega fireworks for the following year. A flood of mega planetary hits in anticipation !

1983 ... and the mega fireworks, it starts with THIS title. The year 1983 saw the group move to the status of Major group of the decade thanks to the production of extraordinary titles including this one. And this is just the start of mega hits !

1983 ... then the machine gets carried away. The planetary mega hits are linked at an astonishing speed and literally explode the reputation of the group which becomes one of the most prominent groups of the moment

1984 ... the year 1983 was exceptional for the group, it was without counting on the year 1984 which will be even stronger. Yes Yes, it's possible. Starting with this title !

1984 ... the title of the final consecration. The group returns definitively in the Legend with this HUGE title which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a sequel that will be almost as strong as the title that preceded it. The group literally walks on water and everything he produces immediately turns into solid gold. The Kings of the world !

1985 ... my name is Bond ... When we ask a group to perform the soundtrack for a 007, it's because we're really on top. And the result, too, will be top !

1986 ... after 4 years of madness which allowed them to get close to the stars time and time again, the group begins here a beginning of decline, which certainly is limited, but which will unfortunately be irreversible ...

1987 ... less and less titles and lower Charts results. This does not prevent the group from maintaining a level of quality among the best of the moment

1987 ... another BIG year despite an increasingly blatant unscrewing on the Charts side. And again, when we talk about unscrewing, we are talking about mega planetary hits and no longer mega mega hits. Nothing to really worry about at this point ...

1988 ... the group is now on an average of 2 singles per year. Decrease in the quantity produced, but the quality remains constant, which allows essentials to be preserved

1988 ... we feel for the first time the beginnings of a slight drop in inspiration. It is normal that at some point, the group descends into the lower category as the level was high until then

1989 ... the sound and style of the group evolves slowly but surely at the end of the decade. As a result, a new one filled in the Charts. But it may be that the future has some nice surprises in store for them, nothing has been decided yet ...

1989 ... the last single of the decade. Which sends them back to a level of success almost equivalent to their beginnings. A recovery in hand is essential and this as soon as possible !

1990 ... straddling 2 eras ... straddling 2 styles .... Anyway, the group is back in force in this new decade and shows that he is still damn under the pedal

1990 ... of course, the level fluctuates more and more from one title to another, but the group is still in the lead. Sacred feat when we now see the competition that there is opposite !

1993 ... a dazzling return of inspiration for a last notorious mega hit. Phew, we avoid the fatal dropout and we look forward to the rest

1993 ... definitely, the year of the resurrection. They sign here a second title particularly successful and which will undoubtedly remain as one of their best from all eras. MAS-TER-FUL !

1993 ... 3 titles just for this year 1993, a year that will therefore be called excellent vintage ! Rediscovered inspiration, productivity, the 5 Fabulous are back !

1995 ... the opposite of their basic influences ... Not sure that they are very gifted in the ultra rock register ... The beginning of the end !

1997 ... back to basics. Even if this title is somewhat wacky, we find the Duran Duran before. But it is already too late, the competition is already light years ahead ...

2004 ... go, for fun, a little last for the road. And respect anyway because few groups have been able to classify hits over 3 decades ...! As such, hat gentlemen !

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