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The 3 faces of fear...

Black Sabbath is an English group formed in 1968 in Birmingham by Anthony Iommi, John Michael Osbourne, Terence Butler and William Ward. Group considered to date as the forerunner of the Heavy-Metal movement and which has sold no less than 100 million albums worldwide.

Originally, in the 60s, the group was called "Earth" and did more in Jazz-Rock-Blues. It was not until the early 1970s that the band began to evolve profoundly in terms of their sonority and move towards much darker and more sinister songs.

This is how the album "Black Sabbath" was released, a title in reference to a horror film starring Boris Karloff from the 1960s.

The originality of their sound and the showmanship of Osbourne made the album a real success.

In 1971 the album "Paranoid" was released which further increased their notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic. Then “Master of reality” still the same year.

A year later in 1972, there was a new sound evolution when the album "Black Sabbath, Vol. 4" is released in turn, an album in which we see the group embarking on ballads that were not used to them.

At the height of its popularity, the group released the album "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" in 1973. Group that turns to hard drugs all the time ...

It was not until 1975 to see the release of the album "Sabotage" whose title "Supertzar" is based on Gregorian chants and monks' choirs ! These novelties are popular because the album is a success.

But the internal tensions are more and more numerous. And the quality of the next album "Technical Ecstasy" released in 1976 is strongly felt. So much so that the album is a commercial failure.

Osbourne left the ship in 1978, then returned. The album "Never say die!» comes out in stride and explores new sounds, jazz, synthpop and blues. But the mayonnaise doesn't set and the album is another failure for the band.

A year later, in 1979, Osbourne was to leave the band once again, as his drug addiction and lack of involvement hurt the band. It was around this time that Ronnie James Dio arrived and replaced him at a moment's notice.

A salutary replacement which allowed the group to regain success in 1980 when the album "Heaven and hell" was released. This will be followed by a tour where Dio will popularize the "Mano cornuta", a now cult hand gesture that symbolizes a devil’s head with its ears pricked up.

Dio in turn left the group in 1983 and was replaced by ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. This allows the band to record the album "Born again".

Then it was Gillan's turn to leave in 1984 and make way for David Donato. Which will be fired in turn 6 months later !

Meanwhile, Osbourne sees his solo career garner success to the dismay of the group.

Other albums will be released later, but the singer-songwriter turnover will also continue, permanently destabilizing this legendary group which will slowly but surely die out.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Evil woman 1969

  • Paranoid 1970

  • Iron man 1971

  • Never say die! 1978

  • A hard road 1978

  • Neon knights 1980

  • Die young 1980

  • The mob rules 1981

  • Turn up the night 1982

  • Voodoo 1982

  • Trashed 1983

  • No stranger to love 1986

  • The shining 1987

  • Headless cross 1989

  • Devil and daughter 1989

  • Feels good to me 1990

  • TV crimes 1992

  • Computer god 1992

  • Psycho man 1998

  • Selling my soul 1999

  • N.I.B. 2000

  • The devil cried 2007


Clips :

1969 ... the very first steps. A style that already shows compared to the standards of the moment. The sound matches but not really the style. A style to say the least innovative ...

1970 ... the title that will really reveal them. A song which dates from the very beginning of the 70's and not from the end. Damn ahead of their time, the little guys on the sound side !

1971 ... in the midst of a psychedelic wave, it's their way of showing their 'Flower Power'. We suspected that they were not going to do like everyone else at this level ...

1978 ... 7 years will pass before regaining a level of success worthy of the name. 7 years in which the production of the title will be substantial but the results in the Charts will be at the very least mixed. Not easy to confirm all the good that we thought of them after their debut, to say the least, smashing ...

1978 ... their first year at 2 top hits. The sound is structured more and more and puts them in contact with the best. Like what not much was enough ...

1980 ... change of Captain. And it's a strong takeover, to say the least. In any case, this recovery rhymes with rebirth ...

1980 ... well, so here we go straight to 240 km/h ! Real madmen, there are no other words. We are right off the road ...

1981 ... always so fast, always so impactful, if there is one thing that does not change about them, it is the style ! Well, it's also their factory brand ...

1982 ... and what about that one ! A particularly successful track which allows them to record a top hit across the Channel but also to make a resounding comeback in the USA...

1982 ... not necessarily their highest ranked title but the only one that has a more or less normal rhythm. And therefore audible by the general public ...

1983 ... and again, new change of leader. It's a mania with them ! For the rest, nothing changes, it still beats so much !

1986 ... and it continues, new team. However, this time, the style has evolved, that's clear. And rather in a good way because here they are finally in the register 'With emotions' ...

1987 ... hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. For them, knocking is second nature. The song before was really too soft for them ...

1989 ... a particularly inspired track which allows them to return to success after years of famine. It was time...

1989 ... the end of the 1980s which saw them regain Olympic form. Second title of the year 1989 and second success. The return to grace ...

1990 ... whatttt ! An Ultimate Slow, a real one ! So there guys, we don't recognize you at all ... And my faith, when they want, they can do it too !

1992 ... their best ranking across the Channel for a long time. We find their style of the early 80s ... Good or bad ...?

1992 ... an improvement that will have been short-lived. The relapse is severe, so severe that the group will never recover ...

1998 ... in Nirvana mode .... Why not but the copy is not necessarily worth the original ... Anyway, their last notorious hit

1999 ... they will save the furniture with this title but it is clear that the group will never find again the incredible dynamics which carried him during the previous decade ...

2007 ... they will attempt the transition to the 2000s but that will not change the situation at all. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...


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