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Vanessa Paradis is a French singer who started her artistic career at the age of 14. But we actually see her for the first time on Jacques Martin's show L’école des fans when she was only 8 years old, where she repeats the title Emilie Jolie.

And it was at the age of 10 that she recorded her first track "La magie des Surprises Parties", a track written by Les Forbans. A title that would never see the light of day as a single but which she nevertheless performed at the Italian festival in Ambrogino two years later in 1985.

The year 1985 saw her also play the backing vocals on Franck Langolff's album "Normal", which was soon to play a most important role in the young girl's life.

The same Langolff, who sees the young girl's enormous potential before anyone else, will write her, along with Etienne Roda-Gil, a little song called "Joe le Taxi". Song which was released two years later in 1987 and which was to be a hit not only in France, but also throughout Europe.

You have to go back to the year 1969 and the cult "Je t'aime… moi non plus" by Serge Gainsbourg to see a French-language title doing so strong internationally, that is to say ! The title will ultimately sell more than 3 million copies in all countries. The young artist is becoming the "phenomenon" of the moment in France.

She released a second single "Manolo Manolete" always the same year, which did not experience the success of its predecessor but still obtained rather flattering sales figures. The singer's career is well and truly launched.

His first album “M&J” was released a year later in 1988 with the same Langolff/Roda-Gil tandem at the helm. Album from which 4 other singles will be extracted, including the enormous "Marilyn and John", the young singer's second flagship single and which will sell out to more than 500,000 copies.

The album was released globally but did not achieve the expected success, except in France where it sold nearly 360,000 copies. The singer who continued her studies until then was forced and forced to stop them in 1989. The pressure from other students, teachers and the public becoming unmanageable.

New album later in 1990 with a new duo in charge. Always Langolff on the song side, but this time it will be Serge Gainsbourg on the lyrics side, just that. The album in turn was a hit in France and will stay in history as Gainsbourg's last notable artistic contribution before his death. With as the flagship single the enormous "Tandem", followed shortly by the sumptuous "Dis lui toi que je t'aime".

Radical team change in 1992 with the arrival of Lenny Kravitz. Which composes the album "Vanessa Paradis" for her. Album sung entirely in English, a feature that allows it to be released all over the world. But once again, it will only be in France that it sells the best. International sales combined with French sales will still make it the best-selling album of all the singer's discography with just over 1.2 million copies sold. Album from which will be extracted mainly "Be my baby", flagship single which will bring to the singer her second international mega hit. And to a lesser extent "Sunday Mondays" which came out in 1993.

An album that will be the last of the decade. It will therefore be necessary to wait the following decade to see it bounce back again. But that's another story…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • La magie des surprises parties 1985

  • Joe le taxi 1987

  • Manolo Manolete 1988

  • Marilyn & John 1988

  • Maxou 1988

  • Coupe coupe 1989

  • Mosquito 1989

  • Tandem 1990

  • Dis lui toi que je t’aime 1990

  • L'amour en soi 1991

  • Be my babe 1992

  • Sunday Mondays 1993

  • Just as long as you are there 1994

Clips :

1985 ... the very first steps. Yes, yes, it's the same one that will become two years later one of the biggest musical phenomena on the French side ...

1987 ... only 15 years old, this pretty blonde, totally unknown to the general public, arrives like a meteorite and will smash everything in her path. Here she signs one of the biggest hits of all her discography and one of the most emblematic titles of the decade on the French side. A startling career to say the least ! HU-GE !

1988 ... one would have thought that she would be a shooting star among many others and that she would disappear as quickly as she had appeared. Oh no, it will even be quite the opposite. This is only the beginning of a career that will prove to be very brilliant !

1988 ... she puts on hits at a speed that is truly astounding for her age. She signs here a new title of very large caliber which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most outstanding of all her discography

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with no less than 3 top class titles on the clock. France is really under the spell and it is set to last !

1989 ... an "M&J" album which will produce 6 singles on its own, a real feat. We are already in the 5th extract. A real phenomenon !

1989 ... an album which will have allowed the release of titles over 3 different years, something extremely rare. Of course, this title will be the lowest ranked but all the same, what an incredible adventure !

1990 ... radical change of style and sound. The teenage girl is over, here comes the child woman. A radical transition and metamorphosis but with formidable efficiency !

1990 ... after the carefree light titles, here comes the time for 'big' songs. Here she signs an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title which shows the truly astounding progress she has achieved in a few months. MA-GIC !

1991 ... despite the obvious quality of the title, it will not even be classified. It sometimes happens to go 'through' but nothing serious at the moment ...

1992 ... carried at arm's length by a Lenny Kravitz at the cleats, the young Vanessa will finally obtain the long-awaited international recognition. Happiness never comes alone, she also signs here the biggest success of all her discography. MAS-TER-FUL !

1993 ... and the great adventure continues. New top hit which confirms the obvious talent of the female baby doll on a planetary level. A meteoric rise that takes your breath away. Hope it lasts ...

1994 ... one last 'little' hit before the big 6 years air hole. After 7 totally euphoric years, it seems that the first circle has come full circle. But what a loop !

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