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Tears of a clown...

The Beat, better known in the United States and Canada under the name The English Beat and under the name The British Beat in Australia, is an English group formed in Birmingham in 1978 and originally composed of Dave Wakeling, Ranking Roger, Andy Cox, David Steele, Everett Morton and Lionel Martin.

The group released his first single "Tears of a clown" a year later in 1979, a title which did not go unnoticed far from there and which above all allowed the group to become known overnight.

The transition to the 1980s rhymes with the release of their first album "I just can't stop it", an album which contains their first title but also another title called "Hand off...she's mine", a title which will be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Just like “Mirror in the bathroom” which comes out immediately.

New album "Wha'ppen" in 1981, album which knows the same success as its predecessor but which nevertheless will struggle to produce any major hit. Only the single "Drowning" will more or less perform well.

A third, and already last album, named “Special beat service” was released the following year in 1982. Album with much less success than the previous 2 opus but which nevertheless produced two high caliber singles that are “Save it for later" and "I confess".

They will end the adventure all the same in style in 1983 with the release of the compilation "What is beat", a compilation which will meet with great success and which will especially produce their last notorious hit namely "Can't get used to losing you" .

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tears of a clown 1979

  • Hands off…She’s mine 1980

  • Mirror in the bathroom 1980

  • Best friend 1980

  • Too nice to talk to 1980

  • Drowning 1981

  • Doors of your heart 1981

  • Save it for later 1982

  • Jeanette 1982

  • I confess 1982

  • Can’t get used to losing you 1983

  • Ackee 1-2-3 1983


Clips :

1979 ... first title and already first success. Certainly limited to England but the group will largely be satisfied with it, as we can imagine

1980 ... in any case, their style pleases. Because this time, they landed a first cup with success on both sides of the Atlantic. A startling career to say the least !

1980 ... in just 2 years, the group will have established himself as one of the phenomena of the moment. Their Ska style works wonders and fits perfectly with the times !

1980 ... an incredible 1980 which saw them align title after title and above all success after success. Well, this one won't be their biggest hit of the year, but it holds up well, that's for sure

1980 ... four titles classified just for this year 1980 including 2 top global hits, who could say better ? The group is on an incredible dynamic that literally makes them walk on water !

1981 ... the great adventure continues in this year 1981 with however a somewhat declining level of success. We suspected that they would not be able to continue at such a level of success for years and years given their very particular style ...

1981 ... success will be confined throughout 1981 exclusively to England. This in no way discourages the group, which continues quietly on its way ...

1982 ... 1982 will be much more favorable with a return of success in the USA. The group tries to change its sound story to stick to the latest trends of the moment and it is doing quite well

1982 ... as soon as they leave in their typical style, or more precisely atypical, the level of success is immediately felt. This title will therefore be placed in the 'small' hit category ...

1982 ... so, in your opinion, for this title, it will be a good pick or a bad pick ? Considering the style, this time it's necessarily a good pick !

1983 ... they will obtain one of their biggest successes thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Andy Williams dating from 1963. Like what, once again, it is in the old pots that we make the best soups. HU-GE !

1983 ... one suspected that with such a particular style, the adventure would not last for decades. But the adventure was beautiful, whatever happens and that's the main thing !


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