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Tarantula scream...

Not much interesting information about Iron Curtain other than the fact that it's an American band active between 1983 and 1987 and composed of Bruce Cooper, Doug Norton, Olga Torres, Steven Fields and Terry Bower.

A group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the high-caliber single "The Condos" released in 1984.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Terror story 1983

  • Tarantula scream 1984

  • First punk wars 1984

  • The condos 1984

  • Love can never die 1984

  • Like a family 1985

  • Shadow 1987

  • The burning 2007


Clips :

1983 ... a first track out of time just like the group which interprets it. And yet, the sound is trendy, the style a little less on the other hand ...

1984 ... music reserved for an informed audience, to say the least. But that's also the 80s, modernity and above all ultra diversity !

1984 ... it is clear that this is the kind of music to be listened to at the best times as they say. Because the murky and quirky side could strike more than one ...

1984 ... which will undoubtedly remain as their most successful title and especially the most audible by ordinary people. We take, we take !

1984 ... a title full of finesse which shows that they also know how to do this when they want. But only when they want ...

1985 ... a group with a more than ephemeral existence but it is true that in view of their so particular style, one suspected that the adventure would not last for years ...

1987 ... there is no shortage of talent, that's for sure. But their very underground style deprived them of wider and above all international recognition ...

2007 ... the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes in an incredible way in the 2000s and surely delivers its most successful title. Like what nothing is ever finished !


Discogs :

Discography :

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