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Sweet France...

Carte De Sejour is a French group formed in 1980 in Rillieux-La-Pape and originally composed of Rachid Taha, Djamel Dif, Mokhtar Amini, Mohemed Amini and Eric Vacquer.

Group which released a first single "Zoubida" in 1982, title which will go somewhat unnoticed unfortunately. Just like their first album "Rhorhomanie" which was released two years later in 1984.

They will have to wait for 1986 to finally see their efforts rewarded with the release of what will remain as their biggest single success, namely "Douce France". A revisited, to say the least, original version of one of Charles Trenet's flagship titles which will shatteringly project them to the forefront of the French music scene.

Flagship title taken from the album "2 ½" which will also be released that year.

A great adventure which will unfortunately be cut short because the group will be unable to repeat the feat of "Douce France" and will end up separating at the dawn of the 1990s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Halouf nar 1982

  • Rhorhomanie 1984

  • Bleu de Marseille 1984

  • Chems ou Nejma 1984

  • Habibi 1985

  • Douce France 1986

  • This is a Rai song 1986

  • Al'Hambra 1986

  • Ramsa 1986

  • Rhadine 1988


Clips :

1982 ... the beginnings of a unique group. As much by its culture as by its style with a result necessarily as a consequence ...

1984 ... where the art of mixing two influences which at the base seemed incompatible. And yet they will achieve the feat of doing it ...

1984 ... despite obvious efforts, the mayonnaise struggles to take. It remains to produce THE title that will finally be able to project them on the front of the stage ...

1984 ... we feel that there is really not much missing to make them pass from the shadows to the light. We get closer, we get closer ...

1985 ... we can't believe for a single second that the band is not going to produce THE title that will change everything. Their destiny as the career of the group ...

1986 ... Charles Trenet will give them the final boost. Or at least one of his favorite songs dating from 1947. The group delivers here a totally dusted version of this title, a title which perfectly mixes Arab influences and typically French influences. HU-GE !

1986 ... unfortunately, the bellows will fall as quickly as it is mounted. And yet what they continue to deliver is far from demerit. But the feat achieved on the previous title will unfortunately never happen again ...

1986 ... the rest will therefore be a little more complicated to manage than expected. The group continues its adventure but once again in the shadow of the Greats ...

1986 ... too bad the group could not capitalize on the enormous suction effect created by 'Douce France'. Unfortunately, fate will have decided otherwise ...

1988 ... an adventure which comes to an end with this title. Even if the group will not remain as the best known of all, this group with multiple influences will still have left a significant mark in the musical history of the 80s on the French side thanks to titles with more than certain originality !


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