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Subsequent pleasures...

Clan Of Xymox is a Dutch group formed in 1981 in Nijmegen and composed of Pieter Nooten, Ronny Moorings and Anka Wolbert. Group whose particularity is to be one of the spearheads of the Darkwave current.

The adventure itself began in 1983 with the release of a mini LP called "Subsequent pleasures", a mini album that unfortunately went completely unnoticed.

They will have to wait two more years and the year 1985 to see their efforts finally rewarded with the release of the album which bears the name of the group. Album whose title "7th time" is noticed by the famous radio host John Peel, which allows them to appear on his show, thus offering them an unexpected promotional showcase.

New album "Medusa" in 1986, album which remains to this day their reference album notably thanks to titles like "Louise" and "Theme I".

The album “Twist of shadows”, their biggest commercial success, was released three years later in 1989. Album from which were extracted the flagship singles “Blind hearts”, “Obsession” but also, and above all, “Imagination” which will become the biggest success of all their discography.

Notorious success which will be their last because anything that will come out thereafter will have only limited success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Going round 1983

  • 7th time 1985

  • A day 1986

  • Louise 1986

  • Medusa 1986

  • Theme I 1986

  • Blind hearts 1987

  • Obsession 1989

  • Imagination 1989

  • Phoenix of my heart 1991

  • At the end of the day 1991

  • Out of the rain 1997

  • This world 1998

  • Innocent 2001

  • Something wrong 2001

  • Loneliness 2017


Clips :

1983 ... the beginnings of a group which will always remain outside the system and the standards of the moment. A bias displayed and above all claimed !

1985 ... anyway, the band has obvious talent. And even if this one is oriented only in a very particular field, it is indeed there

1986 ... it is obvious that this music is not really intended for the general public but rather for a public of initiates. Spread the word !

1986 ... one of their benchmark titles. The group proves here that he is not just a UFO with an extraordinary sound, but a normal group which simply decided not to be like the others

1986 ... and what to say about it ! Undoubtedly one of their greatest successes, an inspired title, borrowing from a certain darkness but which nevertheless radiates, astonishing paradox. HU-GE !

1986 ... a group which will have remained little known in the end given its musical positioning but which will have produced more than one track of obvious quality !

1987 ... the quality level, like the sound, gain in quality year after year it is obvious. The best is yet to come ...

1989 ... and the best, here it is. They sign here one of their most successful titles and which once again proves the full extent of their talent. There will have been few Dutch groups during this decade but with certain talent. HU-GE !

1989 ... the end of the decade which saw the group at the height of its art. Each title is now a real success and brings the group back to the small circle of the best groups of the moment

1991 ... a passage to the 90s which sees the group metamorphose. The sound, like the style, has once again evolved. And once again in a good way !

1991 ... a salutary metamorphosis but which does not allow the group to experience any notorious success and especially on a planetary scale. Hard law of the trade ...

1997 ... big 6 years air hole followed by a return to average form. The most worrying being above all that they have resumed their sound from before. Bad pickaxe as they say !

1998 ... a hybrid title blending old influences and more contemporary influences. The group is looking for each other again, not necessarily a good sign ...

2001 ... new decade change which sees the group leave in a certain darkness. But this time, the darkness is inspired and that changes everything !

2001 ... a rebirth that is a pleasure to see and above all, a pleasure to hear. Like a Phoenix, this group is constantly reborn from its ashes, something extremely rare in the profession. Until then ...

2017 ... and the rest, here it is ! More than 30 years after their debut, the group is still capable of delivering particularly inspired titles. What talent !


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