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Real McCoy, also known as MC Sar & The Real McCoy, is a German band formed in 1988 and originally composed of Olaf 'O-Jay' Jeglitza and an unknown singer who serves only for recording sessions.

They enjoyed their first success in 1989 with their cover of Technotronic’s flagship track, "Pump up the jam", a success that is limited for the moment to the German-speaking part of the old continent.

To move up a gear, the group then recruited Patricia Petersen and in 1990 released the single "It’s on you". A recruitment which bears fruit in any case because the title is a success, this time, on all the old continent. In the process, the album "On the move !", an album released the same year, which contained the two previously released singles, but which had very limited success.

Things got tough when the record company asked the group to produce music videos, knowing that the real singer, like Jeglitza, did not want to appear on screen. A Frenchman named Shampro is then specially recruited to do playback and provide the scenic part of the titles.

Between 1990 and 1992, the group produced only singles without much scope. Then comes “Another night”, in 1993, a single that will quite simply set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet. The title made a huge worldwide hit and established the group as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment.

A year later in 1994, the album "Space invaders" was released, which paradoxically had only limited success. Album which sees Patricia Petersen give way to the profit of Karin Kasar who takes up the torch at the vocal level. And Jeglitza who finally appears in the clips and on stage, alongside Petersen who is still kept in the group but only for the stage.

Also in 1994, the singles “Automatic lover (Call for love)” and “Run away” were released, which made a real worldwide hit.

Planetary success confirmed a year later in 1995 with the release of a part of the album "Another night" (which also contains the single of the same name released in 1993 and the two singles released in 1994) and two new singles that are "Love & devotion" and "Come and get your love". In the end, the album will contain no less than 5 mega planetary hits, just that.

After two totally euphoric years, the group took a break in 1996 and then came back in force in 1997 with 2 new singers, Vanessa Mason and Lisa Cork. A year 1997 which saw the release of the single "One more time", single taken from the album which bears the same name and which was released the same year.

Despite the contribution of the two new female voices, the album will not experience the same level of success as the previous one and this single will be their last global top hit. Anything that comes out later will have little success after all.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Pump up the jam 1989

  • It’s on you 1990

  • Don’t stop 1990

  • Another night 1993

  • Automatic lover (Call for love) 1994

  • Run away 1994

  • Love & devotion 1995

  • Come and get your love 1995

  • Sleeping with an angel 1995

  • One more time 1997

  • I wanna come (With you) 1997

  • (If you’re not in it for love) I’m outta here 1997


Clips :

1989 ... of course, the beginnings are not very glorious with this somewhat easy cover of the Technotronic title dating from the same year. But hey, this is what we call an ideal launch pad ...

1990 ... the real beginnings. They are once again inspired by other hits but the copy is less obvious and the result produces at least something new

1990 ... the group is looking for his style and it will take him a few years to find it. But when he will find it, it will pulse !

1993 ... then THIS title comes ! This time around, the band has indeed found his style and the result is enormous. Result of the races : first global mega hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1994 ... the dynamic is now in place and it is unrolling godly. The mega hits follow one another at an impressive speed and it is far from over !

1994 ... the group has found the right recipe and is making it all the way. And it works perfectly, to say the least

1995 ... the great adventure continues with this new top hit. Already 2 years spent at the top and it's going to last. At least, let's hope so !

1995 ... the hardest part in this decade of 90 when everything goes very quickly and where competition is bloated, it is to last. For now, the group is maintaining himself in the leading pack with obvious ease. Hope it lasts !

1995 ... the group's business has always been pure and hard Dance, but with this title they show that they also know how to do Intimist. And do well !

1997 ... after an empty year 1996, the group returned to full form in 1997 and landed a new global top hit. Unfortunately, this will be the last year in great shape. It will get slightly complicated later ...

1997 ... the adventure is not over yet. The level of inspiration remains high and allows the group to stay in touch with the best. Let's take advantage !

1997 ... all good things come to an end. One last title for the road and then go. The clap of the end of a great adventure which will have left in its wake a significant number of very high caliber Dance titles, a notable performance !


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