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Songs to remember...

Scritti Politti is an English group formed in 1977 in Leeds by Green Gartside, composer and performer.

It was while attending a Sex Pistols concert in 1976 that the idea came to Gartside to form a group with 2 other accomplices that are Nial Jinks and Tom Morley.

Their first performance takes place in Leeds under the name of "The Against". In 1980, while the group toured with the groups "Gang of four" and "Joy division",

Gartside is the victim of a panic attack. Despite his 23 years, he is forced to forced rest and it is during this break that he composes what will become the first album of the group.

The group's first hit was the title "The sweetest girl" which was released in 1981.

Followed in 1982 by the single "Faithless" which will have an honest journey in the Charts.

The first album of the group "Songs to remember" came out in stride, which appealed to critics as well as the public. And which will remain the most important in terms of sales.

In 1983, the group signed with the label Virgin Records and Gartside left to settle in stride in New York.

The first single "Made in USA" is going to be the now cult "Wood beez" which immediately upon its release in 1984 immediately hit the whole planet.

A veritable flood of hits will follow with "Absolute", "Hypnotize" and "The world girl" which in turn are everywhere.

The second album "Cupid & Psyche 85" was released in 1985. It contains the 4 previously mentioned singles as well as "Perfect way" which will perform a very good journey on the US side.

After this tidal wave of hits, you have to wait 3 years to see the album "Provision" come out from which the hit "Oh Patti" will be extracted. Album with less success and which will be the starting point of the slow public disaffection for the group.

Their last major success will be the single "She's a woman" released in 1991.

We will remember this group as much for the obvious quality of its compositions as for the incredible, almost feminine voice of Gartside.

Signature voice unique and recognizable among all who will have played a large part in the success of the group !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Skank bloc Bologna 1978

• The sweetest girl 1981

• Faithless 1982

• Wood beez 1984

• Absolute 1984

• Hypnotize 1984

• The world girl 1985

• Perfect way 1985

• Oh Patti 1988

• First boy in this town (Lovesick) 1988

• Boom! There she was 1988

• She’s a woman 1991

• Take me in your arms and love me 1991

• Tinseltown to the boogiedown 1999

• The boom boom bap 2006

• A day late and a dollar short 2011


Clips :

1978 ... a first title to say the least confusing. A mixture of atmospheres and various influences that make the title somewhat confusing in terms of rendering, to say the least ...

1981 ... we find them 3 years later and it is clear that the sound of the group has changed considerably. From now on, it's a drum machine and synthesizer on all floors ...

1982 ... the level rises slowly but surely. The sound is structured but it is clear that there is still work to integrate the court of the Great. And not just a little ...

1984 ... then comes THIS title ! The sound, the style, everything has evolved perfectly and everything is now perfectly structured. A notable advance which allows the group to make a breakthrough directly on the international scene. HU-GE !

1984 ... they reoffend directly in stride with a title that will surely remain as one of their most inspired and successful. Gartside's voice does wonders and propels the group to a level of success worthy of the greatest !

1984 ... the incredible year of all hits. An absolutely sumptuous year 1984 which saw them reach the heights with disconcerting ease. A meteoric rise which they owe only to one thing : their talent and nothing else !

1985 ... a beautiful reggae format, completely atypical for the time. They sign here one of their biggest successes in the Charts, a well deserved success !

1985 ... still as effective. The year 1984 was exceptional. 1985 will more or less approach it. A dynamic of success that nothing and no one can stop ...

1988 ... after the Dance and Reggae hits, here they are in Intimist mode, a first. A magnificent ballad that also works perfectly. Know how to do little guys !

1988 ... a style decidedly apart, inimitable. As the 80s knew how to do so well. The group manages to maintain himself at the highest level with obvious ease and does not intend to stop there on such a good path ...

1988 ... the last planetary hit. After 6 years at the top, the group will decline, slowly but surely. Anyway, the adventure was beautiful and they can always boast of having been in the Elite for several years and that, nobody can take away from them !

1991 ... over the decade of the 80s that saw them explode, they arrived in the 90s, a decade much more difficult for the group to negotiate. The proof with this title in delirious and retarded teen mode ...

1991 ... the group rediscovers a certain form of inspiration but not the spark of genius that made all the difference during the 1980s. When it doesn't want to, it doesn't want to ...

1999 ... nothing for 8 years then suddenly, this title. The opposite of the group's particular style. Nice try but this time, it is indeed the end !

2006 ... they will try the passage to the decade 2000 and my faith, the title produced is at least...astonishing, and especially of good quality. Like what, nothing is ever finished !

2011 ... still here the little guys ! They produce at least 1 title per decade, it's always better than nothing as they say. And once again, they are far from being ridiculous ! See you in 10 years for more ...


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