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Song instead of a kiss...

Alannah Myles is a Canadian singer-songwriter who began her artistic career at the age of 9 by beginning to compose her first songs.

We find her at the age of 18 in the company of Christopher Ward, a composer with whom she sets up a group and with whom she performs covers of rock and blues standards. The same with whom she will work a few years later on her first album "Alannah Myles".

A first album which saw the light of day in 1989 and for a first opus, it was a real masterstroke since it made a real worldwide hit. In particular thanks to the singles "Love is", but also, and above all, "Black velvet" which will offer the singer the biggest success of her entire recording career.

Album which will also produce a third hit of big caliber with the title "Lover of mine" which will be released a year later in 1990.

We will have to wait 3 years and the year 1992 to see the release of his new album "Rockinghorse", an album which will not really know the same level of success as its predecessor. Album which will struggle to produce any planetary class hit apart from the title “Song instead of a kiss” which will be the only single to succeed.

The album "A-lan-nah" which will be released in 1995 will do even worse than the two previous albums and will definitely seal the singer's fate. With the key to a gradual, but irreversible, disappearance of Charts in the years that will follow.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love is 1989

  • Black velvet 1989

  • Still got this thing 1990

  • Lover of mine 1990

  • Song instead of a kiss 1992

  • Our world, our times 1993

  • Living on a memory 1993

  • Sonny say you will 1993

  • Family secret 1995

  • Blow wind blow 1996

  • You love who you love 1996

  • Bad 4 you 1997

  • Break the silence 1998

  • Like flames 2000


Clips :

1989 ... a career that started off with a bang, to say the least. First title and already the first global top hit. The singer couldn't have asked for a better start !

1989 ... only 2 titles were enough for the singer to become part of the musical legend of the 80s. Here she delivers an enormous title which will remain as her biggest record success, offering herself at the same time a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... having climbed too quickly and above all too high, we suspected that the singer could only come down behind. Which unfortunately will be the case ...

1990 ... she still manages to maintain a level of success worthy of the best, especially thanks to titles like this one. Hope it lasts ...

1992 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. The singer will be back down as quickly in the Charts as she was up there. And yet, when we see the quality of what she continues to offer, we could have hoped that she would stay in the leading pack a little longer ...

1993 ... the adventure continues all the same but the singer will never find again the incredible level of success that she knew at the end of the 80s ...

1993 ... it must be said that the punchy rock mode marginalizes her somewhat. This kind of musical domain tends to scare the general public unfortunately ...

1993 ... as soon as the decibels calm down, as if by chance, the public returns somewhat. Like what, it is always played at not much ...

1995 ... she now does more some figuration than anything else. Only Canada now grants her its favors in the Charts and again in a rather modest way ...

1996 ... after having exploded at the very end of the 80s, she will have spent the 90s to survive and especially to spend a crazy energy not to sink body and soul. While she had all the potential to have an incredible career ...

1996 ... a title full of finesse and smoothness which shows that she had all the potential necessary to do incredible things in this field. She will have opted for the much more punchy side, a side that will have penalized her more than anything else ...

1997 ... the adventure continues for some reason but there is no more than her to believe. She has almost disappeared from radar and one wonders what can still motivate her to continue in these conditions ...

1998 ... this time, we hit rock bottom with a title that will go completely unnoticed. And yet, it is far from unworthy. But when it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

2000 ... she will even attempt the transition to the decade but that is more of an anecdote than anything else. Especially when she produces titles that spin at such a speed ...


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