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Somebody is watching him...

Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy Gordy, is an American singer-songwriter who is none other than the son of the famous Berry Gordy, emblematic founder of the Motown label.

And it is precisely to avoid taking advantage of any advantages linked to his family status that he is going to sign secretly at Motown without his father knowing.

Label with which he released his first album "Somebody's watching me" in 1984, album from which the single of the same name will be extracted. And for a first try, it is a real masterstroke since the album, like the single, will be a worldwide hit. And shatteringly launch the career of the young singer.

A single where one of the luxury singers is none other than a certain… Michael Jackson !

Unfortunately, the years go by but are not necessarily the same. The album "Captured" which was released the following year in 1985 did not quite achieve the same level of success as its predecessor and struggled to produce any global class hits.

The album "The genie" which will be released in 1986 will do even worse than the album that preceded it with the consequence of a premature end of career, to say the least incredible ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Somebody’s watching me 1984

  • Obscene phone caller 1984

  • Knife 1984

  • Taxman 1984

  • He’s a cobra 1985

  • Peeping Tom 1985

  • Tokyo 1985

  • Carmé 1986

  • Grow up 1986


Clips :

1984 ... a title, THIS title, was enough to make the fortune and the glory of this young unknown, at least not so unknown since he is the son of the all powerful Berry Gordy. Anyway, and especially without the help of his father, he will achieve the feat of making this title one of the biggest Dance titles of the decade and at the same time offering himself a direct ticket for posterity. It must be said that with the Jackson brothers as luxury choristers, to miss this title would have been frankly astonishing. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... unfortunately, he will be unable to repeat the feat achieved on the previous title. This title will not go unnoticed, of course, but its level of success will have absolutely nothing to do with that encountered by its predecessor ...

1984 ... this one will go completely unnoticed. And yet, this title full of finesse is far from unworthy, it is clear. A totally inexplicable turnaround ...

1984 ... a year 1984 which ended in general indifference for the singer. Everything had started wonderfully well ...

1985 ... he will temporarily return to the race with this title but it is clear that the delay with the competition is now impossible to fill. Hard law of the trade ...

1985 ... even if this title will only be classified in the American Dance Charts, it at least allows the singer to stay afloat. We will largely be satisfied ...

1985 ... yet another title that will pass under the radar. The end of the year does not really succeed at first glance, it is clear ...

1986 ... the last success and still very small. A career that started off with a bang and which, unfortunately, quickly came to an end ...

1986 ... this time, it is well and truly the end. The singer had the potential to do great things but fate will have decided otherwise. It remains to be seen whether being the 'son of' will not have harmed him more than anything else, good question ...


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