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So, real or fake blondes ?

Platinum Blonde is a Canadian group formed in 1980 in Toronto by Mark Holmes, singer, Joey Ciotti, bassist and Ray Bailie on drums.

Originally, the group was more on a musical line bordering on punk and released a first Single "Hey hey you" in 1980. Single with very modest success, the group did not recover and exploded just after.

Holmes reformed the group with Sergio Galli on guitar and Chris Steffler on drums.

During the following two years, they essentially adopted standards from the Police group and played mainly in Clubs.

It was in 1982 that things accelerated when the group signed with CBS Records and produced the album "Standing in the dark". Album from which 2 hits will be extracted, namely "Standing in the dark" and "Doesn’t really mater".

The album was a huge success in Canada and the clips made were looped, especially on MTV. In 1985 the album "Alien shores" was released, which will remain as their biggest commercial success, notably thanks to the flagship titles "Situation critical", "Crying over you" and "Somebody somewhere".

The "Contact" album was released in 1987, but the success was limited to Canada only.

Commercial failure which will push CBS to get rid of the group altogether, thereby signing its death warrant.

The group will rise from the ashes under the name of "The Blondes" and will produce a last album called "Yeah Yeah Yeah" before disappearing definitively.

At least that's what we thought because they will come back again later.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• No regrets 1980

• Doesn’t really matter 1983

• Standing in the dark 1983

• All fall down 1983

• Sad sad rain 1984

• Not in love 1984

• Lost in space 1985

• Holly water 1985

• Crying over you 1985

• Situation critical 1985

• Somebody somewhere 1986

• Hungry eyes 1986

• Contact 1987

• Connect me 1987

• Diamonds 1987

• If you go this time 1988

90s Decade :

• Yeah yeah yeah 1990

• Tara 1990

• California skies 1990

2010s Decade :

• Valentine 2012

• Beautiful 2012

• Satellite 2012


Tracks :

1980 ... the breathtaking punko-rock debut. What is clear is that with them, it will pulsate ! At least, that's what we can imagine when we hear this first song ...

1983 ... three years later, the "blondies" have settled down somewhat. Just like their style, luckily. Suddenly, it pays cash with a first classified hit. All good little guys !

1983 ... the title that will reveal them to the eyes of the whole world. An obvious rise in power and necessarily auspicious for the rest of the events !

1983 ... the proof with this large caliber suite. A unique style that allows them to stand out from the crowd brilliantly

1984 ... the group confirms an obvious talent and is now positioned as one of the safe values of the moment. It just lacks the little extra that could allow them to obtain the planetary recognition after which they have been running since their beginnings ...

1984 ... a clever mix of rock and New-Wave sound that allows this group to produce titles with more than certain quality. Too bad the public recognition is not always up to their talent ...

1985 ... the "blondies" in great shape, obviously at the top of their game. They unquestionably sign one of their best tracks here and put our ears in it as they say !

1985 ... a sustained inspiration which allows us to produce, year after year, songs of more than certain quality. The group continues to unfold quietly for our greatest pleasure !

1985 ... the series of very big hits begins. Including this one who will remain as the highest ranked of all their discography. At least in Canada ...

1985 ... an year 1985 that will remain as one of their very best. In particular thanks to titles of this caliber which show once again that this group really has talent !

1986 ... they finally get their first planetary success thanks to this title. We suspected that at some point all their efforts would pay off. Which is now done !

1986 ... certainly, this title will not meet the same level of success as its predecessor but it largely holds the road, to say the least. Always so frisky little guys !

1987 ... the great adventure continues with this new classified title. Admittedly, the group is not able to compete with the world leaders of the moment but does not have to be ashamed of what it produces, far from it !

1987 ... once again the proof with this title. Nothing extraordinary but just a good job. It is clear that this group will not remain as the most talented of its generation but will have produced more than one quality title, that's for sure !

1987 ... another title of very large caliber. A habit with them ! And which ends a remarkable journey for a group that would have frankly deserved greater recognition from the public

1988 ... ah, it's not quite over. Come on, one last little one for the road, story of. But this time, it is indeed the end ...

1990... well and truly the end of the 80s. But here they are back at the beginning of the 90s and what they still have to offer is far from devoid of interest...

1990...they changed their name but it's the same group. A name change that won't bring them more than that but it's a good try anyway...

1990... the style in any case remained the same, that's for sure. One would have thought that the group would not go beyond the 80s like many colleagues, but it was very hard to know them...

2012...we will lose sight of them for nearly 12 years and here they are again in this new decade of 2010 in a certain form. Certain but insufficient to bring them back to the fore...

2012...even if success will not necessarily be there, we can only salute this desire to believe in it again and again. Respect as they say...

2012...a 2010 decade that did not allow them to make a resounding comeback, but it was worth a try. It remains to be seen whether it will be worth trying another comeback afterwards...


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