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So good so right...

Brenda Russell, whose real name is Brenda Gordon, is an American singer-songwriter whose first major artistic experience was with a group called The Tiaras, an ephemeral group who released a single "Where does all the time go" in 1968 , which will go completely unnoticed.

During the 1970s, we find her in the duo Brian & Brenda, Brian being in fact the musician Brian Russell whom she married at the beginning of the decade. Duo which will release two albums which are "Word called love" in 1976 and "Supersonic lover" in 1977. Duo which will be cut short at the end of the decade because of the divorce of the couple.

His real solo career began in 1979 with the release of a first single called "So good so right", a track taken from the album which bears only his name and which was released the same year. And for a first try, it is quite successful considering the level of success achieved by the title and by the album.

New album "Love life" two later in 1981, album with less success and which will painfully produce the minor hit "If you love (The one you lose)". The next album, "Two Eyes" which came out in 1983, will do even worse by not producing any ranked titles.

Five years will pass before the release of the album "Get here" in 1988, five most salutary years considering the high quality of the latter. Album which will remain as the biggest success album of all its discography and which will produce no less than 4 hits including 2 top global hits. With titles like "Get here", "The restaurant", "Gravity" but also, and above all, "Piano in the dark" which remains to this day its biggest single success.

The album "Kiss me with the wind" which came out 2 years later in 1990 could not compete with its predecessor but nevertheless produced the top hit "Stop running away". Which will be his last because everything that will come out subsequently will not experience the success previously encountered.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • So good so right 1979

  • Way back when 1979

  • If you love (The one you lose) 1981

  • I want love to find me 1983

  • Two eyes 1983

  • Piano in the dark 1988

  • Get here 1988

  • Gravity 1988

  • Le restaurant 1988

  • Kiss me with the wind 1990

  • Stop running away 1990

  • In over my heart 1993

  • No time for time 1993


Clips :

1979 ... some Intimist of large caliber as an appetizer. A daringly daring bet but a successful bet. Race results : first global top hit !

1979 ... a successful career start with a second hit in stride. Of course, this will be limited to the United States but it is already that !

1981 ... after a surprisingly empty year 1980, we find her in 1981 in great shape with a hybrid title, half Intimist, half Dance, and the least we can say is that the result holds up !

1983 ... decidedly, she struggles with even years. New empty year in 1982 and return in 1983 with a title of certain quality but which unfortunately went under the radar. Be careful not to be away too long because the public zaps very quickly in this decade of 80 ...

1983 ... the second title released in 1983 will also unfortunately go unnoticed. A heavy sanction and not really deserved given the quality of the titles ...

1988 ... there, it is downright a big air hole of 5 years which will follow. A salutary disappearance somewhere since she returns in Olympic form and simply signs here the biggest success of her entire career. HU-GE !

1988 ... a year 1988 which will remain the best vintage of the singer since she connects the hits there at a speed for the less impressive. Admittedly, this one will not know the same level of success as its predecessor but the least that we can say is that it largely holds up !

1988 ... new planetary top hit. She will have taken time to gain momentum during this decade, but better slowly but surely. When you see his level of success, it was worth the wait !

1988 ... an Intimist field in which she excels and which has enabled her to obtain a number of major successes. Once again the proof with this title which literally floats in the air !

1990 ... a transition to the 90s very clearly oriented Dance. Will this change of course bear fruit or simply make the singer disappear ? Only the future will tell ...

1990 ... the tempo suddenly slows down and allows the singer to obtain her first hit of the decade. A success which confirms that it is better to stay in the rather soft rhythms as they say ...

1993 ... a roller coaster career with sudden disappearances and reappearances which are no less so. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the return will not necessarily be a winner, despite a title of more than certain quality. Pity...

1993 ... the last title of the decade. Once again in Intimist mode and who says Intimist, says success. Admittedly small in scale but it's always better than nothing as they say. She will attempt a transition to the 2000s which unfortunately will not be a success ...


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