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Smoke on the water...

Deep Purple is an English band formed in Hertford in 1968 and originally composed of Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Nick Simper, Rod Evans and Ian Paice. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 100 million albums around the world to date !

The band released their debut album "Shades of Deep Purple" the year of their formation. A debut album which was to be highly regarded, not in England, but in the United States and Canada, as paradoxical as it may seem. Album which will produce a first notorious hit for the group with the title "Hush".

1968 was a particularly prolific year for the group as they released a second album in the wake called "The book of Taliesyn", album which will achieve, more or less, the same success as the previous one.

New album in 1970, album which simply bears the name of the group and which will struggle to establish itself globally unlike the previous ones. On the other hand, the single "Black night" was released the same year, apart from any album. Single which, for its part, will experience real worldwide success and launch the group's career for good. A year 1970 that does not end with the release of another album called "Deep Purple in rock", album which will vividly confirm the obvious rise of the group.

A rise in power that is confirmed on the new album "Fireball" which was released a year later in 1971. Although the album will sell less than its predecessor, its ranking in Charts around the world, it, is higher. Album which will mainly produce the single of the same name. Also the same year released the single "Strange kind of woman", a release made again outside of any album, which will not prevent it from being a hit in its turn.

The consecration came a year later in 1972 when the record-breaking album "Machine Head" was released, a flagship album of the group's discography and which went on to sell more than 7 million copies worldwide. Album carried at arm's length by the enormous "Smoke on the water", a title which remains to this day one of the indisputable and undisputed jewels of the group and which will be released a year later in 1973.

Flagship album that will never be equaled despite the successive release of an impressive number of albums thereafter : "Who do we think we are" in 1973, "Burn" in 1974, "Stormbringer" in 1974 and "Come taste the band ”in 1975 during the 1970s.

They will have to wait until the 1980s to rise from their ashes. A rebirth to say the least unexpected thanks to the enormous album "Perfect strangers", album which will sell around 4 million copies, just that ! Even though the album is a huge global hit, it will still struggle to produce a global class hit. Only the title “Knocking at your back door” will stand out.

New album success three years later in 1987 when "The house of blue light" was released. But like its predecessor, no major hit will be extracted except the title "Call of the wild" which will save the furniture in extremis.

The adventure will continue during the following decade, as well as during the decade 2000. But the group will never find the level of incredible success which they will have known during the decade 70, blessed time which will have consecrated them like one of the greatest groups of the world !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hush 1968

  • River deep - Mountain high 1969

  • Emmaretta 1969

  • Black night 1970

  • Child in time 1970

  • Strange kind of woman 1971

  • Fireball 1971

  • Never before 1972

  • Smoke on the water 1973

  • Woman from Tokyo 1973

  • Might just take your life 1974

  • Burn 1974

  • You can't do it right 1974

  • You keep on moving 1976

  • Perfect strangers 1984

  • Knocking at your back door 1985

  • Call of the wild 1987

  • Bad attitude 1987

  • Hush 1988

  • King of dreams 1990

  • Love conquers all 1991

  • Fire in the basement 1991

  • The battle rages on 1993

  • Sometimes I feel like screaming 1996

  • Haunted 2003

  • Wrong man 2005

  • Clearly quite absurd 2005

  • A simple song 2013

  • Out of hand 2013

  • Vincent Price 2013

  • All I got is you 2017

  • The surprising 2017

  • Paradise bar 2017

  • Throw my bones 2020

  • Nothing at all 2020

  • The power of the moon 2020

  • Oh well 2021


Clips :

1968 ... first title and already first success. It is obvious that this band that came out of nowhere has something more than the average competition and the future will vividly prove it !

1969 ... here they cover Ike & Tina Turner dating from 1966. With a result to the height and a linear but constant rise in power ...

1969 ... in full psychedelic delirium. The group fits perfectly to the trends of the moment and is slowly but surely approaching the court of the very great ...

1970 ... then THIS title comes ! The group shatteringly reaches the very closed circle of the biggest groups of the moment, just that. They get their first global mega hit here. The first and certainly not the last. HU-GE !

1970 ... and what to say about it ! An amazing title that will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic. An extreme compendium of all the best at the time in terms of sounds. MAS-TER-FUL !

1971 ... difficult to pass after such a title and especially to equal it. This title will therefore have to be satisfied with a few crumbs of success ...

1971 ... this one will do a little better. The dynamics of success are now well in place and the group is proceeding quietly. Everything is under control !

1972 ... several titles will be released in this year 1972 but only this one will stand out. Not necessarily the best vintage of the group, that's clear ...

1973 ... THE title of the consecration, the real one ! They write here quite simply the most beautiful page of their history and at the same time offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity with this title which will remain as one of the most incredible of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

1973 ... an exceptional year 1973 for the group with a succession of extraordinary titles. Certainly, this one will not have the incredible Aura of its predecessor but allows the group to maintain a level of excellence, to say the least incredible

1974 ... after a startling decade of the 70s, to say the least, the rest of the decade will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. This title will manage to pull out of the game but narrowly ...

1974 ... at a crossroads. The world is changing and the group is not going to be able to adapt as quickly as he should. With the key to a gradual disappearance of radars. Incredible turnaround ...

1974 ... and yet they try to adapt to the latest trends in an obvious way. But that confuses the base fans who have already gone elsewhere ...

1976 ... big air hole in the middle of the 1970s with a year 1975 empty. To this is added a year 1976 which saw the group seriously loose in the Charts. All turn signals are red ...

1984 ... after a pure and simple disappearance from the front of the stage for several years, the group is reborn from its ashes in a totally unexpected way in the mid-1980s. And the least we can say is that they did not come back to make up !

1985 ... their biggest hit of the decade. Even if the group will never regain its level of success of yesteryear, what he offers today is far from unworthy, it is clear !

1987 ... the production of titles slowed down considerably during the 1980s, but it is clear that quality is better than quantity. And quality there is !

1987 ... what is clear with them is that the group will have kept their 100 % rock roots from start to finish. We will not remake them again as they say !

1988 ... it is clear that with such a style at the end of the 1980s, success can only be very limited. They manage to resist somehow but this super punchy style somewhat denotes and above all inevitably marginalizes them ...

1990 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 90s. With the key to their last notorious success. A little over 20 years after their debut, it seems that the circle has now come full circle ...

1991 ... even if the adventure will continue for some reason, the group will gradually disappear from the radar. Hard law of the trade ...

1991 ... unbelievably, here is the group which opens one of its very rare Intimist pages. And the least we can say is that they are far from ridiculous. An area that they should have used much more often !

1993 ... the group will spend the rest of the decade chasing after a success that desperately eludes them. The group is now part of the past and nothing, and no one, will be able to reverse the trend ...

1996 ... a nice ballad which works perfectly but which unfortunately will not change the situation. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

2003 ... 35 years after their debut, still here ! Well, not for very long, but their ability to resist commands respect. Exceptional longevity for a group that is no less. Needless to say that this group will undoubtedly remain as one of the most outstanding groups of the end of the 20th century !

2005 ... while we thought the group was on the verge of definitive rupture, here they are back two years later. Nothing, and no one, is able to stop them at first sight ...

2005 ... even if the group disappeared from the Charts singles, he continues to exist in the Charts albums and rather in a beautiful way. It is already that as they say ...

2013 ... while they had managed to stay afloat at all costs, we lose them this time for more than 8 years. This does not prevent them from coming back with a new opus which will have a nice run in the Charts albums once again ...

2013 ... the group now mixes its original influences and the latest musical trends of the moment. Astonishing mixture to say the least ...

2013 ... who would have thought that 45 years later they would still be here ?! Not to mention that they are far from being ridiculous which underlines a remarkable longevity to say the least ...

2017 ... and here they are again ! With each title we tell ourselves that it will surely be the last and each time they manage to surprise us by releasing new titles. Incredible but true !

2017 ... and always this sound of another time which will forever remain their trademark. We will not remake them again as they say !

2017 ... and even if the general public has been looking elsewhere for a long time, they in any case see no obstacle as to the rest of their career. They are there to have fun and that is the main thing ...

2020 ... and here they are again ! Always something to offer, always something new to be heard. Respect as they say !

2020 ... and even if they are now unable to compete with youngsters who are 40 years younger, that does not prevent them from leading their adventure in their own way. A truly extraordinary group from all points of view !

2020 ... as always, we tell ourselves that this song will surely be the last. You should know that with them nothing is ever over ...

2021 ... the proof with this new title ! It must be remembered that they started their career in...1968 !! When will the next title be ...


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