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Slave to the music...

Twenty 4 Seven is a Dutch group formed in 1989 by producer Ruud Van Rijen and American producer/rapper Tony Dawson-Harrison better known under the pseudo Captain Hollywood. Group originally composed of Nacy ‘Nance’ Coolen and Ricardo Overman.

The group released their first title "I can’t stand it" the same year and for a first try, it is a real masterstroke since the title will be a worldwide hit and launch the career of the group in a sensational way.

Huge success which will not really benefit Overman since he leaves the adventure following a dispute with Van Rijen and it is Dawson-Harrison who takes up the torch in his place.

A change that does not really harm the group since they did it again a year later on the success side with the title "Are you dreaming ?". A year 1990 which also sees the release of their first album "Street moves", album which comes to confirm the status of phenomenon of the moment of the group.

In 1991, it was Dawson-Harrison himself who left the ship to create his own group under the name of…Captain Hollywood Project (we know the rest…).

A departure that could have precipitated the fall of Twenty 4 Seven, but the group overcame the obstacle and came back in force two years later in 1993 with their flagship album "Slave to the music". Album that will produce no less than 4 mega hits, just that!

Starting with the huge single of the name of the album that will shatter everything in its path. Followed by little "Is it love" still in 1993. The following year in 1994, it will be the turn of "Take me away" and "Leave them alone" to smash everything in their turn.

A year 1994 which sees the group to maintain a level of stratospheric success with the release of a new high-caliber single "Oh baby", single taken from their new album "I wanna show you".

Album less successful than its predecessor but which will produce yet another single of global class with the title "Keep on tryin" which will be released in 1995.

Single which will unfortunately be the last major single of the group. The group will continue the adventure but will never find a level of success equivalent to that it had in the early 90s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I can’t stand it 1989

  • Are you dreaming ? 1990

  • Slave to the music 1993

  • Is it love 1993

  • Music is my life 1993

  • Take me away 1994

  • Leave them alone 1994

  • Oh baby 1994

  • Keep on tryin’ 1995

  • We are the world 1996

  • If you want my love 1997

  • Friday night 1997

  • Like flames 2007

  • The reason 2012

  • Do you want me 2021


Clips :

1989 ... from the first title, it is the planetary jackpot for the group. All thanks to this Dance title which literally sets fire to all Dancefloor around the world and propels the group into the international scene in a sensational way to say the least. MA-S-TER-FUL !

1990 ... the sequel, even if it is of quality, will not be able to compete with the previous enormous steamroller. Hence a rather brutal fall in the Charts ...!

1993 ... fortunately the band recovered quickly and came back in force with this new title. A title that allows them to regain the summits of the Charts and to continue to exist at the highest level

1993 ... a year 1993 which saw them regain their best level. Everything becomes possible again and the group is thus back in the race in an ideal way !

1993 ... slight air gap with this title which will pass somewhat under the radar. But no need to worry when you see what is on the horizon ...!

1994 ... another comeback in this year 1994 with this title which allows the group to add a new star to its prize list. One more !

1994 ... a year 1994 which sees them perfectly mastering their subject and unrolling in an impressive way to say the least. Everything works for them with disconcerting ease !

1994 ... in an ocean of Dance titles, here they are offering themselves a nice sweet interlude with this Intimist title, to say the least successful. Who would have believed it concerning them ...!

1995 ... unfortunately, the adventure will quickly end. In this decade of 90 where everything goes very quickly, groups are born and disappear as quickly as they appeared. The group will soon learn it the hard way ...!

1996 ... even if the adventure continues for some reason, the group has almost completely disappeared from the Charts. It must be said that with such an overspeed, the general public is not likely to follow ...

1997 ... an overspeed that will literally kill the group. A bias at the very least risky and above all totally counterproductive ...

1997 ... the tempo slows down drastically but it is already too late, the group has disappeared from the radar. Mass is said as they say ...

2007 ... the Phoenix tries to rise from its ashes in a totally improbable way during the 2000s. Here he revisits a Berlin title dating from 1986 and even if this new version is nice, it will not be enough to bring them back to life ...

2012 ... and here they are again ! But what did not work during the previous decade will not work either during this new 2010 decade ...

2021 ... with them, nothing is ever over ! The proof with this excellent title which shows that this group is really out of the ordinary. But that we already knew !


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