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Sisters of Mercy as we have rarely seen...

The Sisters of Mercy is an English group formed in 1980 in Leeds by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx whose particularity is to be one of the precursor groups of the Cold Wave, an obscure variant of the New-Wave and which will strongly influence the current Gothic movement.

Another notorious characteristic, this group uses since its beginnings a rhythm machine of the name of "Doktor Avalanche", present at all the recordings and concerts. Which makes The Sisters of Mercy one of the few bands that have never used a drummer worthy of the name.

The band's notorious first single "Body electric" was released in 1982 and struck a chord with its gothic-decadent sound so innovative.

In 1983, the single "Temple of love" was released, a relatively successful single.

It was in 1984 that they saw their first titles ranked in the English Top100 with the excellent "Body and soul" and "Walk away". Their notoriety increases as a result.

The first album "First and last and aways" was released in 1985, but the single "No time no cry" was released. Single which fails to match its predecessors. The album itself earned the prowess of entering the Top20 albums.

The dissensions in the group are numerous and the group will more or less implode right after. To be reborn in 1987 with the release of the album "Floodland".

A salutary rebirth which particularly benefits the new group as they manage to rank three singles from the album in the Top20 singles : "This corrosion", "Dominion" and "Lucretia my reflection"

Three years passed before the album "Vison Thing" was released in 1990. More rock and more refined than the previous ones. The success is less but the single "More", in particular, knows a notable success in Germany and New Zealand.

They will experience their greatest success in 1992 with the new version of "Temple of love" which Eldritch performs in duet with Ofra Haza and which will make a real worldwide hit.

A last major single "Under the gun" was released in 1993.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The damage done 1980

  • Body electric 1982

  • Alice 1982

  • Temple of love 1983

  • Body and soul 1984

  • Walk away 1984

  • Afterhours 1984

  • No time to cry 1985

  • This corrosion 1987

  • Dominion 1988

  • Lucretia my reflection 1988

  • More 1990

  • Doctor jeep 1990

  • When you don't see me 1991

  • Under the gun 1993


Clips :

1980 ... the beginnings for the least confidential of one of the blackest groups of the New-Wave wave, or more precisely of the Cold Wave wave. A completely extraordinary inspiration ...

1982 ... we find them 2 years later and it is clear that the sound has evolved. Admittedly, this group is not 'all audiences' but what he now offers largely holds up

1982 ... an Alice in 10,000 places in Wonderland. We are far, very far, from Fairy Tales. A particularly dark style which is as much their strength as their weakness ...

1983 ... but what did Ofra Haza do in this gothic delirium which spins at 200 km/h ... The totally improbable meeting ... Not afraid the little one ...!

1984 ... still as dark but the sound improves year after year, it is clear. Logical consequence : they obtain their first title classified across the Channel. Is the group settling down ? Good question...

1984 ... a year which finally allows them to exist at the highest level. New classified title and beginning of recognition, the real one !

1984 ... probably one of their most incredible titles...and the most creepy too. Sensitive and depressed souls refrain !

1985 ... evolution is slow but certain. After the excesses of the beginnings, we tend more and more towards a classic New-Wave sound ...

1987 ... their first global hit. The rehabilitation efforts paid off. The group joined the common people ...

1988 ... the group is now at cruising speed and now has perfect command of its subject. With the result of successive hits ...

1988 ... in the same vein. A year 1988 which sees them unroll at the highest level with obvious ease. A well-deserved recognition !

1990 ... which will remain as their biggest hit. It took them almost 10 years to finally find the right recipe and above all to find their true place within the Elite. HU-GE !

1990 ... and still that hallucinating voice. Surely one of the darkest and most tortured in all the musical history of the end of the 20th century. But it is also this voice, as paradoxical as it may seem, which has partly made the success of this group

1991 ... the dynamic of success which carried the group until then will unfortunately come to an end with this title. The rest will prove to be much less favorable for the group ...

1993 ... last major hit which also rhymes with last single. On a duo ! And my gosh, it works particularly well. Incredible but true ... Who would have believed it ?!


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