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Since you’ve been gone...

Rainbow, also known as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow or Blackmore Rainbow, is an English group that was born in 1975 and carried at arm's length by Ritchie Blackmore, ex Deep Purple, and Ronnie James Dio, ex Elf.

Group which released a first album called "Ritchie Blackmore's rainbow" the same year, album which will know a nice success of esteem without managing to produce any single of scale.

New album "Rising" a year later in 1976, album which will also have a nice success in the vats but without also succeeding in producing any hit worthy of the name.

It was not until 1979 and an impressive number of entries and exits of members of the group to finally see the first successes. In particular thanks to the release of the album "Down to earth", which produced the flagship single "Since you been gone", a title which became the group's first global success and remains to this day the group's biggest record success. And to a lesser extent "All night long" which will be released in 1980.

New album "Difficult to cure" in 1981, album that will remain as one of their most famous. Album carried mainly by 2 titles which are "Can’t happen here" and especially "I surrender".

The album "Straight between the eyes" was released in 1982 and allowed the group to maintain a level of notorious success. In particular thanks to the single "Stone cold" which will be the flagship title of the album.

The year 1983 saw the release of the album "Bent out of shape", album which will be the last worthy success of the name of the group and which will mainly produce the single "Street of dreams". Single which will also be the last major success because the group will eventually separate a year later in 1984.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Man on the silver mountain 1975

  • Kill the king 1977

  • Long live rock’n’roll 1978

  • LA connection 1978

  • Since you’ve been gone 1979

  • All night long 1980

  • I surrender 1981

  • Can’t happen here 1981

  • Jealous lover 1981

  • Stone cold 1982

  • Power 1982

  • Street of dreams 1983

  • Can’t let you go 1983

  • Desperate heart 1984

  • Ariel 1995


Clips :

1975 ... beginnings to say the least confidential despite a style and a sound that hold the road. They will therefore have to work a little more to hope to break through into broad daylight ...

1977 ... they will have to wait 2 more years to obtain their first classified title and finally see their efforts rewarded. Like what everything happens to who knows how to wait ...

1978 ... what is certain with them is that it will beat up hard. From the beginning to the end. They have opted for an extremely demanding musical field, it remains to be seen what they will be able to produce large, even very large ...

1978 ... the rise in power is linear and therefore suggests very good prospects for the future. Let's give them a little more time ...

1979 ... it is on a resumption of the title of Russ Ballard dating from 1976 that they will obtain their first planetary star. All in a much cleaner style that works perfectly. Like what when they want !

1980 ... the continuation will be a little less brilliant but the group passes the cap of the decade 80 without too much problem. With a style that has evolved in an obvious way ...

1981 ... THE title that will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles. The group has now reached its best level and it shows. Especially we can hear it. HU-GE !

1981 ... the group regains its fundamentals and the level of success is strongly affected. With an unscrewing to the key in the Charts unfortunately ...

1981 ... 1981 was dense in terms of titles but at a very fluctuating level in terms of success in the Charts. The group alternates the very good and the much worse. This one would rather be part of the 2nd category ...

1982 ... as if by chance, as soon as they calm down, the audience automatically returns. They simply get the biggest success of their entire discography here and thus definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. All good little guys !

1982 ... restart with a bang and the sanction falls immediately : this title will go almost completely unnoticed. Bad pick as they say ...

1983 ... decidedly, the titles follow one another but hardly resemble each other. We constantly alternate from punchy to very modest success and from calm to more than certain success, once again the proof with this title. It is high time the group learned the lessons ...

1983 ... quality punch this time around, but unfortunately it won't change the situation. The game is over and nothing is going well for the group. The beginning of the end...

1984 ... the last hit and again a tiny hit. An adventure which draws to its end whereas the group began to finally find its marks in this decade 80. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... after almost 11 years of absence, the group tries an improbable comeback during this decade 90. A daring bet but above all a failed bet. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...


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