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Simple minds is a Scottish group created in 1977 by Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill. A third member - Michael MacNeil - will have a significant part in the success of the group and his departure in the early 90s will have a lasting impact on the latter. Originally, the band was called "Johnny & the Self Abusers" and will release a single single that will go completely unnoticed. The name "Simple Minds" is taken from David Bowie's song "The Jean Genie" (‘He’s so simple minded he can’t drive his module ....). It was in 1979 that things accelerated with the release of the album "Life in a day", an album which met with great success across the Channel. But it was the year 1982 which saw the group for the 1st time propelled to the top of hits with the now legendary album "New Gold Dream" from which the flagship singles "Promised you a miracle" and "Someone somewhere in summertime" would come. 1984 saw the release of the album "Sparkle in the Rain" which confirmed the group's rise with the single "Waterfront". 1986 will be the year of planetary consecration with the titles "Don’t you (forget about me)" and especially "Alive and Kicking" from the album "Once upon a time". Album which remains to this day their biggest success. 1989 will see the release of the now legendary "Mandela day", a strong message on a then controversial situation in South Africa. The album "Real life" released in 1991 with unfortunately relative success will de facto mark the end of the adventure. Simple Minds will still remain a major group of the 80s. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others) :

• Life in a day 1979 • Love song 1981 • Sweat bullet 1981 • Promised you a miracle 1982 • Glittering prize 1982 • Someone somewhere in summertime 1982 • Waterfront 1983 • Speed your love to me 1984 • Upon the catwalk 1984 • Don’t you (forget about me) 1985 • Alive and kicking 1985 • Sanctify yourself 1986 • All the things she said 1986 • Ghostdancing 1986 • Belfast chilld 1989 • Mandela day 1989 • This is your land 1989 • Kick it in 1989 • Let it all come down 1989 • Let there be love 1991 • See the lights 1991 • Stand by love 1991 • She's a river 1995 • Hypnotized 1995 • Glitterball 1998 • War babies 1998 • Spirited away 2014

Clips :

1979 ... all very early days. Difficult to imagine at this stage the incredible career that awaits them ...

1981 ... the group has grown, matured and produced a first major hit

1981 ... the confirmation of an obvious talent, extraordinary and capable of very great things. The future will prove it !

1982 ... the HUGE hit that will change everything. No more playing with the little ones, welcome to the big leagues !

1982 ... 1981 was the year when the group hatched internationally. 1982 will be that of the first planetary tubes !

1982 ... the WONDER ! An year 1982 which ends in apotheosis with what will surely remain as one of their best titles

1983 ... the group reaches its full maturity. Surely one of the most successful titles

1984 ... and what about that one ! The ramp-up is done year after year and the result is more and more breathtaking !

1984 ... once again, proof of limitless talent with this new world class title. The Interplanetary Class !

1985 ... the year of transcosmic hits ! Starting with this first. A year that will undoubtedly remain the best vintage of the group

1985 ... the title of the ultimate consecration. This title makes them enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... they too deserve beatification for all the good they have done to our ears !

1986 ... a suite once again of high quality. Quality is a constant with them !

1986 ... a new triplet of hits. After 1982, it was the turn of 1986. A group which obviously likes even numbers...

1989 ... the year of humanist and protest titles. An amazing and offbeat end of the decade, far from the star system ...

1989 ... a new proof with this humanist hit as fireworks to celebrate this end of decade

1989 ... a year also under the sign of lyricism and sweetness. They will definitely have gone through all extremes ...

1989 ... a year where everything is mixed. The exceptional as the all coming. There, we would rather be in everything coming ...

1989 ... a sumptuous ballad to end this decidedly prolific year. MA-GIC !

1991 ... a change of decade which will prove difficult to negotiate for the group despite songs with obvious quality

1991 ... difficult to compete with the surge House and other Nirvana who somewhat 'nerdy' the group

1991 ... of course, the group no longer has the same level of success as it did in the 1980s. But it continues on its way. Quietly but surely ...

1995 ... the last notorious hit. But this time, it is indeed the last ...

1995 ... one last great performance that it would have been a shame to ignore ...

1998 ... without counting on this 'little' hit which shows once again that they are still there ...

1998 ... come on, we are ending this decade with one last piece of choice. Not necessarily their best but once again with certain quality !

2014 ... an incredible rebirth ! A HUGE album that allows the group to return to the forefront. Bravo the 'Old Men' !!

2015 ...Top Bonus : surely one of the most beautiful live versions of the Wonder !

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