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Signs of change...

After The Fire (also known by the acronym ATF) is an English band formed in London in 1972 and originally composed of Peter Banks, John Leach and Ian Adamson.

Group which released its first album "Signs of change" six years later in 1978, self-produced album and which will have the merit of experiencing a nice success of esteem.

It was the next album "Laser love", which was released a year later in 1979, which finally allowed them to move from shadow to light for good. The album is a real success this time around and will produce their first two big singles with "One rule for you" and "Laser love".

Unfortunately the group will not succeed in confirming all the good that we thought of him on the following album "80-f". The album will know a most honorable fate in 1980 but will be unable to produce any high-caliber single. Ditto for "Batteries not included" which will be released in 1982.

They will have to wait for the release of the compilation "Der kommissar" the same year to see them find their way back to success. In particular thanks to the title of the same name, in truth a revisited version of Falco's flagship title released the previous year.

Short-lived improvement since the group will end up separating in the process but will experience a last delayed success on the Singles side with the title "Dancing in the shadows" in 1983, a title taken from the same album.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • One rule for you 1979

  • Laser love 1979

  • Love Will Always Make You Cry 1980

  • Frozen rivers 1981

  • Rich boys 1982

  • Der Kommissar 1982

  • Dancing in the shadows 1983


Clips :

1979...a first title with more than certain quality and which shows that this small group has potential. Afterwards, what will he do with this potential, the future will tell us...

1979...two titles released and already...two classified titles ! The group could not have dreamed of a better start to their career, that's for sure...

1980...while we thought the group was going to smash everything, it's rather the opposite that will happen at the beginning of the 80s. With the key to a pure and simple disappearance from the Charts...

1981...surprising reversal of the situation because the group had everything he needed to do great things. Hard law of the trade...

1982... they in any case continue to believe in it and it could be that the very near future confirms that they were right to believe in it. So let's be a little patient...

1982... it was this resumption of the title from Falco dating from the previous year which would allow them to return to the race as if by a miracle. Their revisited version does not bring much more than the original but will have been enough to avoid sinking in any case...

1983 ... improved for a short time since the group will relapse directly behind. We would have liked the adventure to go a little further but it was off to a bad start at the end...


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