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She will have looked for her man for a long time...

Eartha Kitt, real name Eartha Keith, was an American singer, dancer and actress whose palor skin was believed to be due to being the result of rape. Rape orchestrated by the son of the owner of the farm where she was born.

She began her artistic career in 1943 by integrating the Katherine Dunham Company, a contemporary dance company of which she would be a member until 1948. And it was from the 1950s that she experienced her first successes on the song side with titles such as "C'est si bon", "Santa baby" and others "Under the bridges of Paris".

During the 60s and 70s, she alternated roles in cinema, in TV series as well as in musicals. It was the 80s that saw her come back in force on the song side with the enormous single "Where is my man", a single which will literally ignite all the Dancefloor on the planet and which will remain as the biggest record success of her entire career. .

She will have two other notorious successes with "I love men" in 1984 and "This is my life" in 1986. An exceptional career which will unfortunately end in 2008 when she dies at the age of 81 from colon cancer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Uska dara 1953

  • Santa baby 1953

  • Somebody bad stole de weddin’ bell 1954

  • Just an old fashioned girl 1963

  • A knight for my nights 1971

  • Catch the wind 1972

  • Where is my man 1983

  • I love men 1984

  • I don’t care 1986

  • This is my life 1986

  • Arabian song 1987

  • Cha cha heels 1989

  • Primitive man 1989


Clips :

1953 ... a first surrealist title where it is impossible to foresee what will really become of the singer in the decades that will follow. A case to follow ...

1953 ... in a style so typical of that time, you can feel the singer already a little more at ease. Most of the singers of that time will never reach the 80s. She yes, a real feat !

1954 ... a decade which allowed her to blossom and reveal herself, slowly but surely. And what we see so far is rather nice. But she is still light years away from 'Where is my man', that's clear ...

1963 ... we may change the decade, for the moment, no noticeable evolution of style, nor of musical sound. We will have to be a little more patient ...

1971 ... the 1960s did not bring any novelty or any noticeable change, we jump directly to the following decade. Well, it is clear that it will not be for this time either ...

1972 ... year after year, she writes her story and grows in power, but it is clear that with her, you will have to be patient. She will have started her artistic career very early but will only explode at the song level at the end ...

1983 ... the 1970s not having given much, we find ourselves once again 10 years ahead. And there, as if by a miracle, everything will suddenly accelerate in an incredible way. In particular thanks to THIS title, a title which will simply remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and which makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment while she is 56 years old at that time. A success to say the least late but what a success. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... the rest will turn out to be almost the same. The singer is then at the height of her art and her possibilities and she intends to take advantage of it. Race results : new top hit. Impossible now to stop her !

1986 ... an almost 60 years old Dance Diva. Who could have imagined it ? She competes without any complex with young girls who could be her little girls. Incredible but true !

1986 ... she unrolls in a truly insolent way and here signs a new top hit under the dumbfounded eyes of the competition. It should be remembered that she started singing in the 1950s. A longevity that is simply breathtaking. HU-GE !

1987 ... well, it's true that at one point it was obvious that she couldn't continue on such a dynamic of success forever. After 3 totally euphoric years, 1987 will mark the breaking point and the beginning of the fall. And yet, she is far from being ridiculous !

1989 ... nothing for 3 years. And here she is back in Olympic form but her good will will not be enough to put her back in the race. Unfortunately, the game is over !

1989 ... a last title to close this absolutely incredible adventure in terms of longevity. A truly extraordinary artist for a career that is no less. Respect !


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