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She will go where the music takes her...

Tina Charles, real name Tina Hoskins, is an English singer who began her artistic career as a backing vocalist and released her first single in 1969. Single played by a then totally unknown pianist by the name of… Elton John !

She released her first album "Tina things" in 1973, an album that will go completely unnoticed.

But she persevered and the miracle would occur three years later in 1976 when she crossed paths with Anglo-Indian composer/producer Biddu, well known for producing the hugely huge single "Kung fu fighting" by Carl Douglas. He brought her on a set the track "I love to love (But my baby loves to dance)", a track that will make a real worldwide hit and become one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. The notoriety of the singer then literally explodes.

In the process, two other singles were released which in turn were to hit the mark : first "Love me like a lover", also taken from the album "I love to love" which was released the same year. But also and above all "Dance little lady dance", taken from the album "Dance little lady" which also came out in 1976. At that time, in the group that accompanied her, there were two illustrious unknowm man, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. Which will become a few years later The Buggles, group which will produce one of the major titles of the XXth century with "Video killed the radio Star" !

The year 1977 saw the release of the album "Heart ‘n' soul", an album that did not experience the success of its predecessors and that put a stop to the singer's meteoric rise. The album will painfully produce two minor hits which are "Love bug - Sweets for my sweet" and "I'll go where your music takes me".

The singles that will be released subsequently will meet with little echo with the public and the 1980s will be terrible for the singer, irreparably sounding the death knell of her career. And this despite a real effort of adaptation on the sound side ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • In the midlle of the day 1969

  • Baby don't you know anymore 1971

  • You set my heart on fire 1975

  • I love to love (But my baby loves to dance ) 1976

  • Love me like a lover 1976

  • Dance little lady dance 1986

  • Dr Love 1976

  • Rendezvous 1977

  • Falling in love in summertime 1977

  • I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me 1978

  • Boogie 'Round the Clock 1979

  • Just one smile 1980

  • I’m just as bad as you 1980

  • Rollin 1981

  • Love hunger 1984

  • Running into danger 1985

  • Second time around 1986

  • Go to work on my love 1990

  • World of emotion 1993


Clips :

1969 ... the very first steps. In a style and sound typical of this decade. The basics are there, all she has to do is unroll ...

1971 ... in a cheerful and festive style, little Tina advances slowly but surely in her career. The rise in power is evident

1975 ... it was normal that at some point the efforts paid off. Here she gets her first ranked hit and that's just recognition

1976 ... then comes THIS title. Here she delivers a track of formidable efficiency and which will remain as the biggest success of her entire career, but also as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade, or even of the end of the twentieth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1976 ... a decidedly exceptional year with this new planetary top hit. Admittedly, it cannot compete with the previous gem but we will largely be satisfied with it !

1976 ... and it continues ! We are already at the 3rd planetary top hit. And this one will almost equal the feat of 'I love to love'. The singer literally walks on water. MAS-TER-FUL !

1976 ... the pass of 4 ! A truly astounding success which makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. What year !

1977 ... after a totally euphoric 1976, it was foreseeable that the rest would be a little complicated to manage. The rest is nice but plunges the singer back into the depths of the Charts ...

1977 ... a 'Tina' style now recognizable among all and of a formidable efficiency. And which allows her to stay afloat no matter what ...

1978 ... unfortunately, the wind will suddenly turn and stop the meteoric ascent of little Tina. Here she signs her latest notorious hit. The singer will have shone with a thousand lights during the 1970s. The 1980s will unfortunately not be so generous ...

1979 ... the adventure continues, of course. But the singer is not going to get a single ranked title anymore. She will have to be content to only do some figuration ...

1980 ... and yet she tries to adapt and stick to the new sounds of the moment. Unfortunately, her 70s label sticks to her skin and it will be extremely difficult for her to get rid of it ...

1980 ... it is true that on some titles, we sometimes come close to caricature. At the time of all electronic, his musical style is somewhat outdated ...

1984 ... a 4 years air gap which could have allowed her to recharge his batteries. Which unfortunately will not be the case. The fall is accelerating ...

1990 ... she will even begin a 4th decade to see if the miracle can still happen. Between good will and miracle, there is an ocean ...

1993 ... she even tried her hand at EuroDance, so there you had to dare this one. How to compete with young girls who are 20 years younger ? Impossible mission...


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