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She wanted to be a real boy...

Nina Morato, whose real name is Stéphanie Morato, is a French singer-songwriter who started her artistic career by releasing in 1983 a first single called "Funky school". Single released under the nickname Stéphanie and which unfortunately will go somewhat unnoticed ...

In 1985 she crossed paths with a certain David Christie, a singer then very popular thanks to his huge single "Saddle up" released a few years earlier. Singer who will later become her companion and with whom she will have a daughter.

We find her in 1988 under the nickname Christie, under which she released a medley of Nino Ferrer hits called "Mirza, Oh hé hain bon, Gaston y’a teléphon". Single which will not be more successful than those released previously ...

The same year, new nickname Stéphanie de Malakoff and new single "Mon p’tit Arthur". Without further results unfortunately. Just like "T'en fais deux fois trop" two years later in 1990.

She will therefore have to wait three more years and the year 1993 to see all her efforts finally rewarded with the release of the album "Je suis la mieux". An album co-written with his new companion Jérome Pigeon (who had his heyday in 1986 with the group that bore his name). Album from which the single "Maman" will be extracted, a single which will finally offer the singer the success after which she had been chasing for years.

Happiness never comes alone, not only did she obtain the 'female revelation of the year' at the Victoires de la Musique the following year in 1994 and she also represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest with the title "Je suis un vrai garçon”. Competition where she will finish in a very honorable 7th place.

The result will unfortunately be much less favorable to her and will especially take a particularly tragic turn.

Starting with an album "L’allumeuse" which was released two years later in 1996 and which did not really meet the expected success. But also, and above all, the death in 1997 of his first daughter, then only 12 years old. Who tragically drowns in the family bathtub while in custody with her father. A death that David Christie will not support, ending his days 3 months later ...

Two major setbacks of fate which will accelerate its gradual but inevitable disappearance from the French musical landscape despite the release in 1999 of a new album called "Moderato" ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Funky school (Stéphanie) 1983

  • T’as envie d’amour (Stéphanie) 1983

  • Mirza, Oh hé hein bon, Gaston y’a l’téléphon (Christie) 1988

  • Mon p’tit Arthur (Stéphanie de Malakoff) 1988

  • T’en fais deux fois trop (Stéphanie de Malakoff) 1990

  • Maman 1993

  • Le bal des parfums 1993

  • Je suis un vrai garçon 1994

  • Moi même 1996

  • On n'est pas parfait 1996

  • Seulement la nuit 1996

  • J'attends 1999

  • Fanfaron 2015

  • Juste dormir 2016


Clips :

1983 ... a first track with a trendy sound and a certain inspiration. Well, it won't be the mega hit of the year but it's what we call a good job !

1983 ... a basic trend which is confirmed with this title. Nothing exceptional but the song fits well with its time and that is the main thing !

1988 ... big air hole of 5 years and here she is again under a new nickname. The fresh and light side has evaporated somewhat, to say the least ...

1990 ... a change of decade which rhymes with a complete reorientation of style and tone. A daring bet and above all a risky bet. The following will say if the choice was wise ...

1993 ... it will take 3 more years to see the result. And the result is up to the task ! Here she is signing quite simply the biggest success of her career and goes straight into the musical legend of this end of the twentieth century on the French side. HU-GE !

1993 ... a decidedly particularly inspired 1993. Here she is now in Intimist mode and the least we can say is that she also ensures in this area. All good as they say !

1994 ... it is always a highly risky bet to appear at Eurovision Song Contest. She will have had the merit of not being dismantled and especially of ending up in a most honorable place !

1996 ... a continuation of a career that will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected. The quality is still present but it is the public who unfortunately no longer follow ...

1996 ... difficult to exist in the face of competition that does not give any gifts and which has a few years less on the clock. A career hollow that is not necessarily easy to manage ...

1996 ... a very limited clip that will not really help the song, a singer who seeks herself and falls into the provocation. In short, all the indicators are red ...

1999 ... the adventure continues for good and here she is again at the end of the 90s in a certain form. But as she says herself in the song, it doesn't show or at least the audience doesn't see it ...

2015 ... huge air hole of more than 15 years and here she tries a totally improbable return during this decade 2010. Mission almost impossible unfortunately ...

2016 ... the miracle will not take place. Good will is not always enough and what worked during the 1990s no longer works at all during this 2010 decade. Cruel disillusion ...


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