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She too wanted to keep...her self control

Laura Branigan was an American singer who started out as a singer for the group Meadow in the 1970s. She then played backing vocals for Leonard Cohen before her career took a real turn when she was spotted by the label Atlantic Records in 1979, a label which allowed her to release her first album "Branigan" in 1982. On this album is present the title "Gloria", which in truth is a cover of Umberto Tozzi's hit. Title that will suddenly bring her out of the shadows into the light when it will be taken up a year later on the soundtrack of the film "Flashdance". And it is still the cover of another track that will literally propel her to the heights of hits with its cover of "Self Control" by RAF, singles which came out almost simultaneously during the year 1984. Two of his songs will also be successful, unfortunately without the knowledge of his own free will because taken by other artists. "How am I supposed to live without you" by Michael Bolton and "I found someone" by Cher. The years which followed “Self Control” will not be up to this exceptional year 1984 for her from all points of view. She died prematurely at the age of 47 from an aneurysm rupture in 2004. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...):

• All night with me 1982

• Gloria 1982

• Solitaire 1983

• How am I supposed to live with you 1983

• Self Control 1984

• The lucky one 1984

• Ti amo 1984

• Spannish Eddie 1985

• Hold me 1985

• I found someone 1986

• Shattered glass 1987

• The Power of love 1987

• Cry wolf 1988

• Moonlight on water 1990

• Never in a million years 1991

• Didn't we almost win it all 1993

• It's been hard enough getting over you 1993

• Dim all the lights 1995


Clips :

1982 ... a first title which immediately shows the enormous potential of this young singer. And what follows proves that she has potential !

1982 ... the resumption of luxury that will reveal her and raise her One Shot to the rank of planetary star. Literally shattering beginnings !

1983 ... a title which confirms the obvious talent as well as all the potential of the singer. And there are, it's clear !

1983 ... very versatile, she is as effective in Dance titles as in so-called 'emotional' titles. The proof with this new top hit !

1984 ... the title of the consecration ! She simply signs here one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, just that. A HUGE tube which makes her definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s and makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... back to Intimist mode. A quality suite but which cannot compete with the previous steamroller

1984 ... decidedly, she loves to take up the cult pieces of Umberto Tozzi. And it works for her, to say the least. New planetary success !

1985 ... after an exceptional year1984 for her, here she is in this new year in Flashdance mode. A sound and a clip So 80's that once again hit the bull's eye !

1985 ... another excellent title which will go somewhat unnoticed but which once again shows the full extent of his talent

1986 ... a single hit for that year. The pretty Laura had accustomed us to better ...

1987 ... a short passage through the Hi-NRG, story of. Well, a very nice result !

1987 ... yet another cover of large caliber on a title by Jennifer Rush and which allows the singer to show all her vocal power. MA-GIC !

1988 ... come on, a little Ultimate Slow for the road, a real one, it was missing from the repertoire. So we do not sulk our pleasure ...

1990 ... change of decade and return to Dance. An obvious evolution which is more in line with the times

1991 ... again and again in the Intimist register. Long gone are the days of Self Control and Dancefloor on fire ...

1993 ... always in the same register but this time in duo mode. A quality reinforcement to boost a colorful title !

1993 ... a decade decidedly and irretrievably on the mode "take out the handkerchiefs". By force, there's nothing left to cry ...

1995 ... was missing more than a title in House mode, it is now done! His latest notorious hit !

Top Bonus : 1983...the story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : 1985...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 1994...the story of a lifetime III

Top Bonus : 2002...the story of a lifetime IV

Top Bonus : 2003...the story of a lifetime V


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